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Microsoft’s AI chatbot ‘hallucinates’ election information

The article discusses the potential impact of generative AI, particularly Microsoft’s Bing AI chatbot powered by OpenAI’s GPT-4, on the spread of misinformation during upcoming major elections. The concern is that the chatbot may provide incorrect information and fabricate false statements related to elections, which could pose a threat to the democratic process. The study […]

GPT-4’s potential in shaping the future of radiology

Researchers are exploring the potential of GPT-4, an artificial intelligence model, in the field of radiology. The paper, titled “Exploring the Boundaries of GPT-4 in Radiology,” highlights GPT-4’s abilities and limitations in processing radiology reports. The research involved evaluating GPT-4’s performance in tasks such as disease classification and findings summarization. GPT-4 demonstrated new state-of-the-art performance […]

Reflexion: an autonomous agent with dynamic memory and self-reflection

Abstract: Recent advancements in decision-making large language model (LLM) agents have demonstrated impressive performance across various benchmarks. However, these state-of-the-art approaches typically necessitate internal model fine-tuning, external model fine-tuning, or policy optimization over a defined state space. Implementing these methods can prove challenging due to the scarcity of high-quality training data or the lack of […]

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