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YouTube CEO warns OpenAI that training models on its videos is against the rules

OpenAI’s latest AI tool, Sora, which generates videos from text prompts, has sparked controversy over potential copyright infringement issues. The uncertainty surrounding how Sora is trained, including the use of YouTube content, has prompted a response from YouTube’s CEO Neal Mohan. Mohan made it clear that using YouTube videos to train Sora would violate the […]

Deepfaked Celebrity Ads Promoting Medicare Scams Run Rampant on YouTube

The article “Shoddy AI Clones of Celebrities Are Hawking Medicare and Medicaid Scams on YouTube” sheds light on a concerning issue of scammy ads on YouTube, utilizing AI voice cloning and deepfake technology. These AI-generated ads promote fake government grants and relief packages, often featuring cloned voices of celebrities such as Joe Rogan, Taylor Swift, […]

YouTube Bans True Crime Videos That Reanimate Dead Children With AI

In the age of the internet, even the most disturbing and grotesque content finds a platform, forcing companies like YouTube to tighten their policies in response to a surge in AI-generated videos depicting deceased minors and victims of violent events. This disturbing trend has sparked outrage and concern, prompting the need for clearer guidelines and […]

YouTube is cracking down on AI-generated true crime deepfakes

YouTube is updating its cyberbullying and harassment policies to prohibit content that “realistically simulates” minors and other victims of crimes narrating their deaths or the violence they experienced.   The policy update targets disturbing AI-powered depictions of victims, including children, describing violence against them, which has sparked outrage from the families of the victims depicted […]

Bard can now watch YouTube videos for you

In the world of AI, Google’s chatbot Bard is making waves. After a lackluster start, Bard has been upping its game and now boasts a YouTube integration that can analyze videos without pressing play. Imagine never having to sit through another preroll ad or scroll through the video description for the recipe you desperately need. […]



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