90% of IT leaders say it’s tough to integrate AI with other systems

Key Points:

  • 87% of organizations report changes in the nature of digital transformation, and 99% run on APIs, but few have leveraged them strategically.
  • The role of CIO and IT leaders is becoming critical due to changing customer expectations, with 70% of customer experiences being digital, and only 26% of organizations providing a complete connected user experience across all channels.
  • IT budgets are increasing to accommodate the surging demand for new projects, with the average budget being $10.5 million over the past 12 months, and 77% expecting IT staff headcount to increase further in the coming year.


The 2024 Connectivity Benchmark Report by MuleSoft, in collaboration with Vanson Bourne and Deloitte Digital, reveals the challenges and opportunities organizations face in integrating artificial intelligence (AI) into their operations. The report is based on interviews with 1,050 IT leaders across the globe and highlights several key insights:

  • Over three-quarters of organizations are using multiple AI models, and 90% report difficulties integrating AI with other systems, with security concerns being the second biggest barrier.
  • Data silos and tightly coupled systems are holding back digital transformation efforts, with 98% of IT leaders facing challenges. Skill gaps, compliance concerns, and the inability to connect data-driven insights into user experiences are cited as major integration challenges.
  • AI adoption is exploding, with 80% of organizations already using multiple AI models and expecting a 78% increase in adoption over the next three years. However, over 90% report integration issues impeding AI adoption, and 64% are concerned about ethical AI usage and adoption.



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