TCL’s first original movie is an absurd-looking, AI-generated love story

Key Points:

  • TCL is using generative AI to create original content for its TCLtv+ platform.
  • The first AI-powered love story, “Next Stop Paris,” is the company’s initial attempt at original programming.
  • The initial trailer for “Next Stop Paris” has received negative feedback and criticism for its quality and execution.


Tech giant TCL is gearing up to make its mark in the original content arena with the upcoming release of its first AI-generated special, “Next Stop Paris,” on the TCLtv+ platform this summer. The company is venturing into original programming to stand out in the increasingly competitive streaming landscape, aiming to leverage generative AI to create unique content.


In “Next Stop Paris,” viewers are taken on a bumpy romance journey as a young woman embarks on a solo honeymoon in Paris after being left at the altar by her fiancé. The plot unfolds as she meets a stranger on a train, setting the stage for their exploration of the romantic French capital.


TCL’s move into original content production is fueled by the desire to attract audiences to TCLtv+ and establish a distinctive brand identity. However, initial impressions from the trailer of “Next Stop Paris” have left much to be desired. Critics have pointed out flaws in character design, animation quality, and lackluster emotional depth, likening the viewing experience to a disappointing fever dream.


While TCL’s foray into original content creation with AI technology may be met with skepticism based on this initial effort, the company remains committed to expanding its content offerings beyond AI-generated projects. Plans include developing traditional content such as movies, scripted shows, unscripted content, and specials, signaling a broader strategy to appeal to a diverse audience and create engaging programming.


Despite the mixed reception of “Next Stop Paris,” TCL aims to tap into the popular romance genre and capitalize on the appeal of romcoms as a cozy viewing option for audiences. Additionally, the company plans to integrate shoppable elements into its content and explore opportunities for AI-generated characters to serve as brand ambassadors and influencers for advertisers, potentially reshaping the advertising landscape within its platform.



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