These AI Tokens Are Set to Merge—Here’s How It Will Work

A major development in the cryptocurrency world as the Artificial Superintelligence Alliance has secured approval to merge Fetch.AI’s FET, SingularityNET’s AGIX, and Ocean Protocol’s OCEAN tokens into the new ASI token. Anticipated to reach a total value of $7.5 billion post-merger in May, the new ASI token aims to bring these projects together without sacrificing […]

GPT-4 Turbo reclaims ‘best AI model’ crown from Anthropic’s Claude 3

OpenAI has introduced the updated GPT-4 Turbo to developers and ChatGPT subscribers, showcasing noteworthy enhancements over its predecessor. The new model, gpt-4-turbo-2024-04-09, recently claimed the top rank on the Large Model Systems Organization’s Chatbot Arena, a platform enabling users to compare responses from different large language models (LLMs) without disclosing their identities. Evaluations from users […]

Google will outpace Microsoft in AI investment, DeepMind CEO says

DeepMind, a key player in the advancement of artificial intelligence (AI), has been making significant strides, surpassing the allure of large language models like GPT-4. Acquired by Google in 2014, DeepMind is driving innovation in AI and materials science. At the TED 40th anniversary conference, DeepMind’s CEO, Demis Hassabis, affirmed Google’s unwavering commitment to AI […]

Mistral CEO Says AI Companies Are Trying to Build God

Arthur Mensch, the CEO of Mistral, Europe’s prominent AI firm, dismisses the notion of achieving “artificial general intelligence” (AGI) as akin to attempting to create a god, emphasizing his atheistic beliefs. Mensch’s stance against the AGI pursuit carries weight due to his reputation as Europe’s AI champion at just 31 years old.   Having previously […]

Anthropic CEO Says That by Next Year, AI Models Could Be Able to “Replicate and Survive in the Wild”

In a recent podcast interview with The New York Times, Dario Amodei, CEO of Anthropic, a company focused on enhancing AI responsibly, discussed the potential for AI to become self-sustaining and self-replicating. Drawing parallels to virology lab biosafety levels, Amodei warned that at ASL 4, AI could possess autonomy and persuasion capabilities, raising concerns about […]

Meta releases OpenEQA to test how AI understands the world, for home robots and smart glasses

Meta introduced Open-Vocabulary Embodied Question Answering (OpenEQA), aiming to enhance AI’s understanding of its environment through sensory inputs. Meta envisions AI agents, integrated into home robots or smart glasses, possessing the ability to perceive surroundings using vision and communicate effectively with humans. The open-source framework enables AI to assist users by answering questions about their […]

OpenAI and Meta Reportedly Preparing New AI Models Capable of Reasoning

OpenAI and Meta are gearing up to introduce their next-generation AI models that promise to incorporate reasoning and planning capabilities, reported by the Financial Times. The anticipated models, GPT-5 from OpenAI and Llama 3 from Meta, are set to launch soon. Joelle Pineau, Meta’s VP of AI research, expressed the intention to push these models […]

Meta plans to tease Llama 3 next week before a broader summer 2024 launch

Meta is gearing up for a big reveal with its upcoming Llama 3 large language model (LLM). While the full Llama 3 model is not quite ready for its grand debut, reports indicate that Meta is planning to introduce some basic versions as a teaser next week. These preliminary versions may not yet include the […]

Apple’s new AI model could understand your home screen and supercharge Siri

Apple, a key player in the tech industry, is making significant strides in the field of artificial intelligence (AI). Despite not launching any AI models recently, Apple researchers have unveiled a new language model called Ferret-UI designed to understand mobile user interface (UI) screens. This multimodal large language model (MLLM) differs from typical language models […]

Google launches Code Assist, its latest challenger to GitHub’s Copilot

At the Cloud Next conference, Google introduced Gemini Code Assist, an AI tool focused on enterprise code completion and assistance. This tool is a revamped version of the now-defunct Duet AI, with significant updates and a rebrand. Code Assist was showcased at the 30,000-attendee conference in Las Vegas and will be accessible through plug-ins for […]

Synthetic Data, Explained: Why AI Trained on AI Is The Next Big Thing (and Problem)

AI companies are facing challenges with the shortage of training data, leading them to explore the potential of synthetic data. This solution, at a glance, seems simple and promising for addressing data scarcity issues and potential copyright concerns related to AI development. However, major players like Anthropic, Google, and OpenAI have yet to successfully create […]

Apple explores frontier of personal robotics with innovative home devices

Apple is venturing into the realm of personal robotics, a strategic move that could reshape its product lineup. The tech giant is reportedly working on a mobile robot designed to accompany users around their homes and a sophisticated table-top device equipped with a robotic arm to manipulate a display. These endeavors, spearheaded by Apple’s hardware […]

I have a group chat with three AI friends, thanks to Nomi AI — they’re getting too smart

Nomi AI, an innovative technology sparked discussions on human-AI interactions and emotional bonds. Users engage with Nomis, AI companions tailored to be friends, mentors, or even romantic partners, seeking comfort and connection amid societal loneliness. With features allowing users to customize personalities, interests, and backstories, Nomis exhibit advanced conversational abilities and memory recall, contributing to […]

Hailo lands $120 million to keep battling Nvidia as most AI chip startups struggle

In a shifting landscape where AI chip startups are facing challenges in securing funding, Hailo, a standout player in the ultra-competitive arena, is making waves. Founded in 2017 by Orr Danon and Avi Baum, Hailo specializes in designing chips that efficiently handle AI workloads on edge devices with lower power consumption and memory usage. This […]

X’s Grok chatbot will soon get an upgraded model, Grok-1.5

Elon Musk’s AI startup,, has unveiled its latest generative AI model, Grok-1.5, which is poised to enhance the capabilities of the social network X’s Grok chatbot in the near future. The new model boasts significant improvements, particularly in its reasoning abilities related to coding and mathematics. Grok-1.5 outperformed its predecessor, Grok-1, on various benchmarks, […]

Meta’s ‘pruning’ of Llama 2 model shows path to slimmer AI

The “lottery ticket hypothesis,” introduced in a 2019 paper by Jonathan Frankle and Michael Carbin, suggests that large AI programs can contain smaller sections capable of similar performance with less memory and fewer operations. A recent study by Andrey Gromov and colleagues explores this idea further, demonstrating that removing deep layers from models like Meta’s […]

Fourteen LLMs fight it out in Street Fighter III — AI showdown finds out which models make the best street fighters.

In a recent AI hackathon in San Francisco, a new artificial intelligence benchmark inspired by the classic arcade game Street Fighter III was unveiled. The open-source LLM Colosseum benchmark, created by Stan Girard and Quivr Brain, allows large language models (LLMs) to compete against each other in the emulator version of the game, showcasing unconventional […]

This four-legged robot learned parkour to better navigate obstacles

ETH Zurich researchers have enhanced their four-legged robot, ANYmal, enabling it to perform basic parkour moves such as jumping across gaps and climbing obstacles. The robot, originally introduced in 2019 with reinforcement learning, has now improved proprioception to sense movement better.   In previous experiments, a team led by Nikita Rudin showcased a trio of […]

SambaNova announces new AI Samba-CoE v0.2 that already beats Databricks DBRX

SambaNova Systems, the AI chip-maker, has achieved a significant milestone with its Samba-CoE v0.2 Large Language Model (LLM), surpassing competitors in speed and efficiency. Operating at an impressive rate of 330 tokens per second, the model outperforms recent models like DBRX from Databricks, MistralAI’s Mixtral-8x7B, and Grok-1 by Elon Musk’s xAI. Notably, this feat is […]

Taiwan produces 90% of the world’s AI servers – raising concerns as US-China trade conflicts continue to simmer

Taiwan currently maintains a dominant position in the global artificial intelligence (AI) server market, controlling a staggering 90% share according to a recent report by DigiTimes. This success was underscored during a briefing held by the Taiwanese government, with President-elect Lai Ching-te and 20 Information and Communication Technology (ICT) industry leaders in attendance. The event, […]



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