How Android Auto will use AI to summarize incoming text conversations

Google recently introduced new AI features for its Assistant, coinciding with the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S24. The smartphone comes with AI-enhanced capabilities like Magic Editor, Circle to Search, and live language translation.   One of Google’s new Assistant features is the ability to summarize lengthy messages and group chats when connected to Android […]

Google DeepMind jumps back into open source AI race with new model Gemma

Google DeepMind has introduced Gemma, a set of 2B and 7B open-source models created using the same technology as the recent Gemini models. The Gemma models are accompanied by pre-trained and instruction-tuned variants and will be available under a permissive commercial license along with a new Responsible Generative AI toolkit. Google is offering toolchains for […]

ChatGPT goes temporarily “insane” with unexpected outputs, spooking users

OpenAI’s ChatGPT AI assistant experienced a glitch that caused it to provide bizarre and nonsensical responses, prompting users to describe it as “having a stroke” and “going insane”. Users and shared their experiences on the r/ChatGPT subreddit, expressing confusion and concern over the AI’s erratic behavior.   While ChatGPT lacks consciousness, users resorted to human-like […]

Intel’s AI Reboot Is the Future of US Chipmaking

Intel, the largest chipmaker in the US, is making a strategic comeback by leveraging generative AI and US government concerns about China’s technological advancements. The company is expanding its foundry business to manufacture chip designs for other companies, aiming to compete with global leaders like Taiwan’s TSMC. Microsoft has already committed to using Intel’s foundry […]

Google Gemini’s ‘wokeness’ sparks debate over AI censorship

Google’s latest consumer-facing AI chatbot, Gemini, has stirred controversy within the tech community due to its inaccurate image generation. People have reported examples of historically inaccurate and pandering image outputs, prompting Google Senior Director Jack Krawczyk to acknowledge the issue and pledge to rectify it promptly. Gemini, unveiled late last year as a rival to […]

Groq creates fastest generative AI in the world, blazing past ChatGpt and Elon Musk’s Grok

Groq, a California-based startup founded in 2016, is making waves with its innovative artificial intelligence (AI) model, which boasts exceptional speed and efficiency. Unlike traditional AI models reliant on graphics processing units (GPUs), Groq utilizes its own language processing units (LPUs), enabling faster and more cost-effective operations. The company’s breakthrough technology has positioned it as […]

New chip opens door to AI computing at light speed

Engineers at the University of Pennsylvania have developed an innovative chip that utilizes light waves instead of electricity to perform complex mathematical operations crucial for training artificial intelligence (AI). This breakthrough chip has the potential to significantly boost computing speeds while reducing energy consumption.   The silicon-photonic (SiPh) chip merges the nanoscale material manipulation research […]

A new way to let AI chatbots converse all day without crashing

Researchers from MIT and other institutions have discovered a simple solution to prevent large language models like ChatGPT from crashing during extended conversations. By tweaking the key-value cache used in these models, they developed StreamingLLM, allowing chatbots to engage in lengthy dialogues without performance issues.   Large language models store recent tokens in memory to […]

Nvidia provides the first public view of its fastest AI supercomputer — Eos is powered by 4,608 H100 GPUs, tuned for generative AI

Nvidia has unveiled Eos, its cutting-edge enterprise-focused supercomputer tailored for advanced AI development on a massive scale within data centers. Eos, currently utilized by Nvidia itself, ranks as the 9th most powerful supercomputer globally in FP64 performance, potentially outstripping all others in AI tasks. Comprising 576 DGX H100 systems, each equipped with eight Nvidia H100 […]

Largest text-to-speech AI model yet shows ’emergent abilities’

Amazon researchers have developed the largest text-to-speech model to date, claiming it exhibits improved natural speech abilities for complex sentences, potentially helping this technology move past the uncanny valley. The model, known as BASE TTS, uses 100,000 hours of public domain speech data in multiple languages, boasting 980 million parameters for the largest version.   […]

How robotics and AI helped Hippo Harvest land $21M to grow lettuce

Indoor farming startups, once shining stars with futuristic technology attracting billions in investments, are now facing bankruptcy and layoffs. Despite the sector’s recent struggles, there’s a glimmer of hope with Hippo Harvest raising $21 million in a Series B funding round. The startup, valued at $145 million post-investment, is distinguishing itself by repurposing warehouse robots […]

Little-known startup WindBorne takes the AI weather prediction crown

WindBorne, a cutting-edge tech company, is revolutionizing weather forecasting using a novel approach that leverages AI and deep learning technologies. Their WeatherMesh system utilizes a fleet of cost-effective weather balloons equipped with AI algorithms, allowing for precise control over their paths as they orbit the Earth for extended periods. With plans to expand their constellation […]

Cohere for AI launches open source LLM for 101 languages

Cohere for AI, the nonprofit research lab established by Cohere in 2022, has recently unveiled Aya, an open-source large language model supporting 101 languages, more than double what existing models offer. This impressive feat was achieved through the collaborative efforts of over 3000 participants from 119 countries. According to Sara Hooker, VP of research at […]

What comes after Stable Diffusion? Stable Cascade could be Stability AI’s future text-to-image generative AI model

Stability AI, the company behind Stable Diffusion text-to-image AI, is teasing a new innovation dubbed Stable Cascade that promises to level up image generation. This novel architecture, inspired by the Würstchen model, aims to be more agile and precise than its predecessor, the SDXL lineup. The secret sauce? A latent diffusion technique that crafts a […]

OpenAI experiments with giving ChatGPT a long-term conversation memory, paving the way for new personalized experiences

OpenAI, the creator of ChatGPT, introduced long-term memory to ChatGPT, essentially turning the chatbot partner into a personal vault of knowledge. Equipped with the power to remember tidbits of information between chats, ChatGPT now offers users the ability to jog its memory, witness what it recalls, or even prompt it to forget. This feature is […]

US firm plans to build 10,000 qubit quantum computer by 2026

QuEra Computing is gearing up to release a 10,000 qubit quantum behemoth by 2026. In a move that could challenge tech giants like IBM, the company recently teased its upcoming 10 logical qubit machine slated to hit the scene before the year wraps up.

Scientists use AI to investigate structure and long-term behavior of galaxies

Using Einstein’s theory of relativity as their compass, Dr. Sebastian Wolfschmidt and Christopher Straub of the University of Bayreuth are turning traditional astrophysical investigations on their heads. While telescopes give us a glimpse of the twinkling cosmos, the real nitty-gritty of galaxies lies in complex mathematical models. From star clusters to the very fabric of […]

Waymo Driverless Car Crashes Into Human Cyclist in San Francisco

The autonomous vehicle saga continues as a Waymo self-driving car found itself in a squabble with a cyclist in San Francisco. According to Waymo’s version of events, their vehicle was innocently waiting at an intersection when the sneaky cyclist, hidden by an oncoming truck, decided to play a game of chicken. Despite heavy braking, the […]

Google DeepMind proposes ‘self-discover’ framework for LLMs, improves GPT-4 performance

Google DeepMind and the University of Southern California have unveiled an innovative ‘self-discover’ prompting framework to enhance reasoning capabilities. This morning’s publication on arXiV and Hugging Face introduces a revolutionary approach that surpasses existing techniques, significantly boosting the performance of esteemed models like OpenAI’s GPT-4 and Google’s PaLM 2.   Dubbed ‘self-discover,’ this cutting-edge framework […]

Hugging Face confirms free open source AI Assistant service alternative to OpenAI

Hugging Face has unveiled its latest freebie: Hugging Chat Assistants – designed to add a personal touch to your technological chitchats. This offering from the NYC-based startup is providing users the power to sculpt their own chatbots. Unlike GPT Builder and GPT Store, Hugging Chat Assistant is proudly sporting an ‘open-source’ badge. Philipp Schmid revealed […]

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