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Nvidia to design tailor-made AI chips for cloud computing firms

Sources whisper that Nvidia is sprouting a bespoke chip-making division aimed to cater to cloud computing mavericks and beyond, in a bid to ward off approaching challengers. Currently commanding an 80% market share of the high-end AI chip market, Nvidia’s coffers have swelled by a staggering 40% this year to $1.73 trillion, following a meteoric […]

Meta will add AI labels to Facebook, Instagram, and Threads

In a world where reality and AI blend seamlessly, Meta takes a stand against deceptive images. Generative AI’s prowess in crafting realistic visuals raises the stakes for authenticity. Meta’s move to introduce AI-generated image labels across its platforms sends a clear message: discerning the real from the artificial is crucial.   By collaborating with industry […]

Zuck Brags About How Much of Your Facebook, Instagram Posts Will Power His AI

Meta, formerly Facebook, is using users’ public posts on Instagram and Facebook to train powerful AI tools, making their social media profiles one of the most valuable datasets globally. Mark Zuckerberg boasted about Meta’s vast library of user-generated content during an earnings call, emphasizing the immense value of personal data in training AI models like […]

Meta releases ‘Code Llama 70B’, an open-source behemoth to rival private AI development

Meta AI’s new Code Llama 70B model can generate code in various languages, such as Python, C++, Java, and PHP, faster and more accurately than ever before. It’s backed by 500 billion tokens of code and code-related data, making it a formidable force in the realm of artificial intelligence. But taming the complexity of code […]

Meta’s OK-Robot performs zero-shot pick-and-drop in unseen environments

The cutting-edge of robotics and AI is being pushed even further with the introduction of an open-knowledge-based framework called OK-Robot, which combines pre-trained machine learning models and robotic systems to perform tasks in unfamiliar environments.   OK-Robot’s framework seamlessly integrates vision-language models with robotics primitives, as well as newer models developed by the VLM and […]

Nvidia’s Big Tech Rivals Put Their Own A.I. Chips on the Table

Amazon’s $4 billion investment in Anthropic, a San Francisco-based start-up focusing on artificial intelligence, was driven by its interest in building specialized computer chips to compete with Nvidia, a dominant force in the A.I. chip market.   The expansion of generative A.I. has revealed the heavy reliance of big tech companies such as Amazon, Google, […]

Zuckerberg’s AGI remarks follow trend of downplaying AI dangers

Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Meta Platforms Inc., announced that the company is working on building “general intelligence” for AI assistants and “open sourcing it responsibly,” while bringing together its two major research groups, FAIR and GenAI, to make it happen.   The announcement has sparked discussions about the potential invention of truly general AI and […]

Instagram now offers AI-generated backgrounds on Stories

Instagram has launched a new generative AI-powered tool called backdrop, allowing users to create customized backgrounds for their Stories. This feature lets users generate various backgrounds, from being “surrounded by puppies” to “chased by dinosaurs.” However, the generated content will be labeled as AI·Backdrop by Instagram, creating a fun and creative way for users to […]

Meta’s AI for Ray-Ban smart glasses can identify objects and translate languages

Meta is introducing multimodal AI features for its Ray-Ban smart glasses through an early access program. These features will allow users to interact with the glasses’ AI assistant to get information about their surroundings, translations, image captions, and outfit suggestions. The early access program will be limited to a small number of people in the […]

Meta unveils Audiobox, an AI that clones voices and generates ambient sounds

In the rapidly evolving domain of generative AI, voice cloning is gaining traction. Startups like ElevenLabs and big tech players like Meta Platforms are making significant investments in this technology. Meta’s Audiobox, a free voice cloning program, allows users to create custom audio by combining voice inputs and text prompts. However, it’s currently limited to […]

Meta announces Purple Llama: Towards open trust and safety in the new world of generative AI

The article introduces Purple Llama, an initiative to promote responsible deployment of generative AI models. As part of this, the company is releasing CyberSec Eval, a set of cybersecurity safety evaluation benchmarks, and Llama Guard, a safety classifier for input/output filtering. The project aims to level the playing field for developers and make these tools […]

Stanford and Meta inch towards AI that acts human with new ‘CHOIS’ interaction model

Researchers from Stanford University and Meta’s Facebook AI Research lab have developed a groundbreaking AI system, CHOIS (Controllable Human-Object Interaction Synthesis), that generates natural and synchronized motions between virtual humans and objects based solely on text descriptions. This system allows virtual beings to understand and respond to language commands as fluidly as humans, representing a […]

Meta AI adds Reels support and ‘reimagine,’ a way to generate new AI images in group chats, and more

Meta AI, owned by Meta, also known as Facebook, is being enhanced with new capabilities, such as the ability to generate images based on prompts and support for Reels. The new feature named “reimagine” allows users to generate AI images with prompts in group chats and recreate the image with multiple prompts, aiming to increase […]

Meta launches a standalone AI-powered image generator

Meta has launched Imagine with Meta, a standalone generative AI experience on the web that allows users to create high-resolution images from text prompts using natural language descriptions. The tool is free to use and generates four images per prompt, with invisible watermarks to be added for increased transparency and traceability. The move comes amid […]

AMD releases new chips to power faster AI training

AMD has announced new accelerators and processors, the Instinct MI300X accelerator and the Instinct M1300A accelerated processing unit (APU), aimed at running large language models (LLMs). These products offer better memory capacity and improved energy efficiency, positioning AMD as a significant contender in the AI chip market. AMD has partnered with Microsoft to provide MI300X […]

Meta and IBM form open-source alliance to counter big AI players

The AI Alliance, a new collaboration between IBM and Meta, aims to promote responsible innovation in AI while emphasizing open development. In an industry largely dominated by private AI models, the alliance aims to expand the availability of open-source AI models, allowing more people to access the benefits, build innovative products, and prioritize safety.   […]

Meta’s AI chief doesn’t think AI super intelligence is coming anytime soon

Yann LeCun, chief AI scientist at Meta, believes that current AI systems are decades away from achieving sentience and common sense. He disagrees with Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang, who predicts AI will surpass humans in less than five years. LeCun suggests that the focus on language models and text data is insufficient for creating advanced, […]

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