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Accenture partners with Cohere to bring generative AI to enterprises

Accenture, a renowned global consulting firm, has unveiled a strategic partnership with Cohere, a leading enterprise AI startup. Together, they aim to revolutionize businesses worldwide by offering tailored generative AI solutions that enhance productivity and efficiency. Cohere’s cutting-edge technology, including the Command large language model and advanced enterprise search tools Embed and Rerank, will be […]

Cohere for AI launches open source LLM for 101 languages

Cohere for AI, the nonprofit research lab established by Cohere in 2022, has recently unveiled Aya, an open-source large language model supporting 101 languages, more than double what existing models offer. This impressive feat was achieved through the collaborative efforts of over 3000 participants from 119 countries. According to Sara Hooker, VP of research at […]

AI Startup Cohere Reportedly Looking To Raise $500M To $1B

In the world of AI startups, the potential for a significant funding round is on the horizon for Toronto-based Cohere, as it enters discussions for a raise between $500 million and $1 billion. This news follows a previous report of Anthropic, another AI startup, considering a $750 million funding round. Cohere, which specializes in building […]

Cohere to help businesses build AI using Slack, Google Drive data

Cohere, a competitor to OpenAI, has introduced “build-your-own connectors” that allow companies to securely connect their data from third-party applications like Slack, Google Drive, and more to Cohere’s Command LLM. These connectors enable businesses to build AI assistants on Cohere’s upgraded AI platform, leveraging information from various tools for contextually relevant and accurate responses, thus […]

Cohere Launches Comprehensive Fine-Tuning Suite

Now, let’s dive into the exciting world of fine-tuning! Cohere, the AI powerhouse, is launching three new fine-tuning capabilities. It’s like giving your AI models their own personal trainers! Chat fine-tuning will elevate customer support and virtual assistant conversations, making them more natural, personalized, and context-sensitive. Rerank fine-tuning will transform search and recommendation systems, delivering […]



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