TCL’s first original movie is an absurd-looking, AI-generated love story

Tech giant TCL is gearing up to make its mark in the original content arena with the upcoming release of its first AI-generated special, “Next Stop Paris,” on the TCLtv+ platform this summer. The company is venturing into original programming to stand out in the increasingly competitive streaming landscape, aiming to leverage generative AI to […]

New AI music generator Udio synthesizes realistic music on demand

A new AI music synthesis service called Udio, created by ex-DeepMind employees, has entered the scene, allowing users to generate high-fidelity music from written prompts, including lyrics. Similar to Suno, Udio offers a range of genres like country, classical, and hip hop. Despite its impressive capabilities, some musicians fear these AI tools could threaten their […]

Spotify launches AI Playlist allowing users to create playlists with prompt

Spotify has introduced a new feature for its Premium users, allowing them to create personalized playlists using AI prompts. This feature, currently available to Android and iOS users in the U.K. and Australia, enables listeners to input prompts such as “relaxing music to tide me over during allergy season” or “a playlist that makes me […]

Assembly AI claims its new Universal-1 model has 30% fewer hallucinations than Whisper

Assembly AI, an AI-as-a-service provider, introduces its new speech recognition model, Universal-1. Trained on vast amounts of multilingual audio data, Universal-1 excels in speech-to-text accuracy across four major languages and reduces errors in speech data and ambient noise significantly compared to existing models. The model, capable of transcribing multiple languages in a single audio file, […]

Meta’s AI image generator struggles to create images of couples of different races

Meta AI is facing criticism for its image generator’s inability to accurately depict diverse prompts. Reports from *The Verge* and Engadget reveal that prompts such as “Asian man with white wife” result in images of same-race couples, indicating a bias towards depicting people of the same race. Even prompts for a diverse group of people […]

Resemble AI launches tool to make AI voice clones in a minute

Resemble AI has introduced a new feature called Rapid Voice Cloning, aimed at simplifying the voice cloning process for enterprise users. This technology allows users to create voice clones from short data sets in just about a minute, significantly reducing the time and effort required. By providing a clear audio sample lasting 10 seconds to […]

Stability AI music platform heralds three minute ‘song’ creation

Stability AI has introduced Stable Audio 2.0, the latest version of its music creation software capable of generating a three-minute long track from a single text prompt. This upgraded platform can produce an intro, main track, and an ending, mimicking a traditional song structure. While this development showcases technical prowess, questions linger around the usefulness […]

AI Video Startup Raises $8 Million to Animate Social Media Characters

San Francisco-based AI developer Higgsfield has successfully secured an $8 million seed funding round that it plans to reinvest in its video creation tools tailored for marketers engaging with social media content. The company emphasizes responsible AI development and the democratization of AI video creation, distancing itself from creating feature-length AI-generated videos for movies. Led […]

OpenAI’s voice cloning AI model only needs a 15-second sample to work

OpenAI has introduced Voice Engine, a text-to-voice generation platform that can create a synthetic voice based on a short sample of someone’s voice. This AI-powered technology is being provided to select companies such as Age of Learning, HeyGen, Dimagi, Livox, and Lifespan for various applications including education, health, and communication.   The Voice Engine technology […]

This new AI tool from Adobe makes generating the images you need even simpler

Adobe recently introduced Structure Reference capabilities in its text-to-image generator, Firefly, at the Adobe Summit event. This new feature allows users to input an image as a template for the artificial intelligence (AI) model to follow when creating a new image. Users can adjust the “strength” of the reference, controlling how closely the new image […]

Adobe introduces structure reference for Firefly AI and GenStudio for brands

Adobe introduced its innovative GenStudio application at the ongoing Adobe Summit to empower enterprises and brands in creating generative AI assets for campaigns. This new application ensures more user control with its unique “Structure reference” feature, allowing users to upload an image to guide subsequent image generations in terms of arrangement rather than style or […]

Nvidia CEO: Soon There’ll Be Games Where AI Generates “Every Pixel”

The integration of artificial intelligence (AI) in the realm of video game development has garnered a mix of anticipation and apprehension. Game studios are leveraging AI to streamline production processes and enhance efficiency, as noted in a recent report from Unity, a prominent game engine developer. The potential for AI to revolutionize the creation of […]

Stability AI brings a new dimension to video with Stable Video 3D

Stability AI has launched a new generative AI model called Stable Video 3D (SV3D), expanding its portfolio of video tools for rendering 3D videos. SV3D builds on the company’s existing video capabilities by enabling users to generate multi-view 3D meshes from a single input image. This new model is available for commercial use through a […]

Nvidia partners with Shutterstock, Getty Images on AI-generated 3D content

Nvidia is making a splash in the world of 3D content generation with its latest offering, the Nvidia Edify multimodal generative AI model. This innovative tool, introduced at GTC 2024, allows developers and visual content providers to create 3D content more efficiently and effectively. Partnering with established names like Shutterstock and Getty Images, Nvidia is […]

Google DeepMind just introduced an AI agent that plays video games with you

Google DeepMind’s subsidiary, DeepMind, has introduced a groundbreaking AI agent named SIMA. Unlike traditional game AI programmed for victory, SIMA is designed to learn and play video games by following instructions, mimicking human gameplay experiences. Standing for “Scalable, Instructable, Multiworld Agent,” SIMA is focused on broadening its capabilities to play any video game, including open-world […]

Adobe is making it easier to create social content on mobile with AI

Adobe has unveiled the latest version of its Adobe Express app in beta, enhancing the mobile content creation experience by integrating Firefly AI models. This update empowers users to efficiently craft and modify social content through generative AI tools directly within the app, streamlining the design process. Notably, this move positions Adobe to better compete […]

Midjourney debuts feature for generating consistent characters across multiple gen AI images

Midjourney, a popular AI image generating service, has introduced a new feature that tackles a significant challenge faced by AI generators. The ability to consistently recreate characters across different images has been a longstanding obstacle due to the nature of AI image generators relying on diffusion models. These models, reminiscent of Stability AI’s Stable Diffusion […]

Pika adds generative AI sound effects to its video maker

Pika, a rising star in the AI video creation space, has recently introduced a groundbreaking feature that allows users to automatically generate sound effects for their AI-made videos on the platform This new addition complements the platform’s existing capabilities, such as generative AI video visuals and lip-syncing, to offer an all-encompassing solution for creators. […]

OpenAI CTO Says It’s Releasing Sora This Year

OpenAI showcased its cutting-edge video generator, Sora, last month, drawing attention for its capability to create detailed 60-second videos with intricate scenes, camera movements, and vivid emotions. The tool, as described by OpenAI CEO Sam Altman, has produced impressive visuals, from serene snowy landscapes to photorealistic wooly mammoths.   While the tool has garnered praise […]

EA CEO called generative AI a ‘billion dollar opportunity’ in gaming

EA CEO Andrew Wilson foresees generative AI revolutionizing the gaming industry in the next five years, enabling deeper and more immersive experiences for players. Speaking at a conference, Wilson highlighted the technology’s potential to streamline content creation, leading to significant audience expansion.   Wilson emphasized EA’s embrace of generative AI, countering fears of job displacement […]



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