This startup is using AI to discover new materials

Orbital Materials, a startup founded by former DeepMind researcher Jonathan Godwin, is leveraging AI technology to revolutionize the manufacturing of new physical materials. Inspired by the success of AI systems like AlphaFold, Godwin set out to streamline the traditional, time-consuming process of material discovery by combining AI expertise with materials science.   The startup’s proprietary […]

CEO Says Later This Year, Your AI Will Be Able to Attend Meetings For You

Otter CEO, Sam Liang, aims to revolutionize work meetings with AI avatars that can attend meetings, take notes, and participate on behalf of their human counterparts. Liang predicts a “working prototype” will be ready later this year, offering a provocative glimpse into the future of work. These AI doppelgängers would resemble their human counterparts, answering […]

The end of emails — executives want AI search to act as a single source of truth

The use of traditional emails in business operations can be time-consuming and inefficient, leading to delays in workflow as employees wait for information from colleagues. However, the integration of AI technology could potentially revolutionize communication within companies by providing quicker, more streamlined ways to access information.   AI-powered search engines are being explored as a […]

Adobe adds AI assistant to Acrobat, Reader in effort to maintain relevance in PDF market

Adobe has launched a new AI assistant for Acrobat and Reader, designed to enhance user interactions with PDF documents. This move aims to solidify Adobe’s leadership in the PDF market amidst increasing competition from AI startups like OpenAI and Anthropic. The AI Assistant, currently in beta, allows users to ask questions about PDF content, receive […]

Google says it removed over 170m fake reviews with new algorithm

Google announced that it removed over 170 million fake reviews in 2023, a 45% increase from the previous year, emphasizing its continuous efforts to combat misleading content. With a new machine learning algorithm, Google also eliminated more than 12 million fake business profiles and 14 million policy-violating videos. The tech giant highlights the challenge of […]

Air Canada must honor refund policy invented by airline’s chatbot

Air Canada was compelled to offer a partial refund to a grieving passenger who received erroneous information from the airline’s chatbot regarding bereavement travel policies. The passenger, Jake Moffatt, sought clarification on Air Canada’s bereavement rates after his grandmother’s passing and was incorrectly advised by the chatbot to book a flight and request a refund […]

Microsoft expands Copilot data protection so more users can chat with ease

Microsoft’s Copilot emerges as a robust ChatGPT rival, equipped with features comparable to OpenAI’s chatbot along with additional enhancements like GPT-4, online accessibility, and footnotes. This new development caters to both professionals and students, providing them with a secure and efficient chatbot experience.   In a recent announcement, Microsoft unveiled the expansion of its commercial […]

Craigslist for GPUs’ launches amid crushing Nvidia AI GPU shortages — allows you to rent AI GPU clusters by the hour

A new online marketplace,, has emerged as a platform where individuals can rent GPU clusters by the card and by the hour. Described as the “Craigslist for GPU clusters,” the service allows users to access the power of multiple AI GPUs without the need to build a data center from scratch. Launched recently, the […]

AI Compute Startup Lambda Hits $1.5B Valuation After Massive $320M Raise

Lambda, a cloud computing service provider specializing in training artificial intelligence software, has achieved unicorn status following a successful $320 million Series C funding round. This financing round, conducted at a valuation of $1.5 billion, was spearheaded by Thomas Tull’s US Innovative Technology Fund and saw the participation of prominent investors such as B Capital […]

Dutch startup secures $25M to bring autonomous bricklaying robots to Europe

Dutch startup Monumental is revolutionizing the construction industry in Europe with AI-powered bricklaying robots that work alongside humans. These fully-electric machines equipped with sensors and computer vision can place bricks and mortar with precision, offering a solution to the chronic labor shortage in the construction sector. This innovative approach aims to address the scarcity of […]

LangChain lands $25M round, launches platform to support entire LLM application lifecycle

LangChain, the startup focused on advancing large language model (LLM) apps through its open-source framework, has successfully secured $25 million in a Series A funding round led by Sequoia Capital. Alongside this achievement, the company has unveiled LangSmith, its maiden paid LLMOps product, now available to the public.   LangSmith serves as an all-encompassing platform […]

Rasa lands $30M to supercharge customer service with generative AI assistants

Rasa, a San Francisco-based startup focusing on enhancing enterprise customer service with generative AI, recently secured $30 million in a series C funding round co-led by StepStone Group and PayPal Ventures. This investment, supported by Andreessen Horowitz, Accel, and Basis Set Ventures, comes as Rasa looks to enhance its product and expand its market presence. […]

Slack adds AI-fueled search and summarization to the platform

Slack, the popular enterprise communications platform, has introduced new features aimed at improving access to institutional knowledge stored within the platform. The new AI-fueled search tool and the ability to summarize information within channels are designed to address the challenge of extracting valuable insights from the vast amount of data stored in Slack.   Noah […]

Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang says $7 trillion isn’t needed for AI — cites 1 million-fold improvement in AI performance in the last ten years

Nvidia’s CEO, Jensen Huang, challenges the notion of needing trillions of dollars to build a separate semiconductor industry solely for AI chips. He believes that ongoing GPU architecture innovations, like those from Nvidia, can significantly enhance AI performance without the need for such massive investments. Huang emphasizes that the industry has already increased AI performance […]

Andrej Karpathy is leaving OpenAI again — but he says there was no drama

Research scientist Andrej Karpathy has announced his departure from OpenAI, marking his second exit from the prominent AI firm. Initially leaving to join Tesla in 2017 and subsequently returning to OpenAI about a year ago, Karpathy’s recent decision has been described as not prompted by any specific event, issue, or drama. Known for his significant […]

OpenAI board chairman, Bret Taylor, launches AI agent startup Sierra to elevate customer experiences

Bret Taylor, known for his past roles at Salesforce and OpenAI, makes a splash in the conversational AI arena with the launch of Sierra. Teaming up with ex-Google VR leader Clay Bavor, Sierra aims to revolutionize customer service by giving businesses their very own AI agents. With an impressive $110 million in funding and big […]

AI-powered Estonian QA startup Klaus acquired by Zendesk

In a strategic move to enhance its customer service offerings, global platform Zendesk has acquired Klaus, an Estonian-born startup that specializes in aiding customer service agents with AI-powered quality assurance. The undisclosed acquisition follows Zendesk’s previous procurement of Tymeshift, showing a trend in industry consolidation driven by a tech economy downturn.   Klaus, founded by […]

Nvidia unveils AI chatbot ‘Chat with RTX’ for local PCs

Nvidia just dropped an early version of its Chat with RTX demo, allowing users to craft their own chatbot experience on Windows PCs providing them the power to infuse personalized content into the AI mix. Nvidia shines through as they deploy retrieval-augmented generation (RAG), TensorRT-LLM software, and RTX acceleration to bring the world of generative […]

Microsoft, eBay, PayPal among tech giants 34,000 job cuts due to AI

Tech giants like Microsoft, eBay, and PayPal are swinging the axe as they pivot towards artificial intelligence, shedding thousands of jobs. The Financial Times reports a staggering 34,000 job cuts in recent weeks.   Snapchat joined 138 other firms in a synchronized employment exodus. While this year’s headcount hemorrhage is nothing to sneeze at, it […]

Airbnb plans to use AI, including its GamePlanner acquisition, to create the ‘ultimate concierge’

Last November, Airbnb swooped in to acquire GamePlanner.AI, a mysterious startup founded by none other than Siri’s co-founder, Adam Cheyer. The deal reportedly went down for a cool $200 million, signaling Airbnb’s serious commitment to AI innovation. While the initial plans for GamePlanner were shrouded in secrecy, Airbnb’s CEO Brian Chesky recently spilled the beans […]

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