Read AI raises $21M to bring connected intelligence to meetings, email, and messaging

Key Points:

  • Read AI announces $21 million Series A financing round led by Goodwater Capital
  • Read AI unveils new offering bringing “connected intelligence” to email and messaging platforms
  • Read AI’s approach to data privacy and security includes regular audits, encryption, and user control over data retention policies


Read AI, a prominent player in AI technology for meeting summaries, has secured a significant $21 million in Series A funding led by Goodwater Capital and participated in by existing investor Madrona Venture Group. This funding will fuel the company’s mission of revolutionizing the future of work by integrating artificial intelligence into every work interaction.


In conjunction with the funding announcement, Read AI has introduced a new service that extends its “connected intelligence” capabilities to email and messaging platforms like Gmail, Outlook, Teams, and Slack. This enhancement enables Read AI’s intelligent agents to seamlessly operate in the background, allowing meetings, emails, and messages to communicate with each other and deliver personalized, actionable briefings tailored to individual needs and priorities.


David Shim, Read AI’s co-founder and CEO, emphasized the company’s focus on enhancing work efficiency by enabling interactions to generate value rather than get bogged down in managing emails and meetings. The company’s meeting summaries, which have seen substantial growth over the past year, are now accessible on major platforms like Microsoft Teams, Google Meet, and Zoom, with a significant increase in users and recorded meetings across more than 40 countries.


Furthermore, Read AI’s AI-powered topic reports, known as “Readouts,” condense extensive email and message threads into concise summaries, complete with action items and answers to key questions learned over time. Early feedback suggests that Read AI is consistently saving knowledge workers a day per week, allowing them to concentrate on essential tasks.


Addressing concerns about data privacy and security, Shim highlighted Read AI’s rigorous approach, including regular SOC 2 Type 2 audits and end-to-end encryption for all measured data. Users have full control over data retention policies, underscoring the platform’s commitment to empowering businesses and users with control over their data.


A core aspect setting Read AI apart in the evolving generative AI sector is its multimodal approach to meeting summaries, integrating audio, video, and participant reactions into its models. Coupled with a focus on proprietary models, this strategy positions Read AI to maintain a competitive edge in the market.


Looking ahead, Read AI intends to double its team size in the next two quarters and enhance its connected intelligence by expanding to new platforms and introducing fresh features. The company’s goal of creating an “AI auto-pilot” for knowledge workers underscores its commitment to delivering tangible returns for its expanding user base.
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