Day: April 7, 2024

AI business is booming: ChatGPT Enterprise now boasts 600,000+ users

OpenAI’s ChatGPT Enterprise, a tailored version offering enhanced security, extended context windows, and GPT-4 access, is gaining popularity in the corporate world. Recent reports indicate a surge in demand, with over 600,000 users signed up, marking a significant increase from just 150,000 earlier this year. The company’s COO, Brad Lightcap, heralds 2024 as the year […]

Is HR ready for generative AI? New data says there’s a lot of work to do

In 2023, generative AI emerged as the technology that IT departments are under pressure to leverage, with C-suite executives being the top influencers pushing for rapid implementation. However, a significant number of IT organizations struggle to meet the surging demand for AI-related projects, citing challenges such as unreasonable expectations from business stakeholders, integration difficulties, and […]

AI will shrink workforces within five years, say company execs

A recent global survey of 2,000 C-suite executives conducted by Swiss staffing firm Adecco Group and Oxford Economics revealed that 41% of respondents anticipate a reduction in their workforce due to the implementation of artificial intelligence technology over the next five years. The poll covered executives from 18 different industries and nine countries, reflecting the […]

China Is Escalating AI Use in Efforts to Influence US Elections, Microsoft Warns

In the midst of the ongoing U.S. election season, China is ramping up its utilization of artificial intelligence as a tool to interfere in American politics, Microsoft reveals. By posing divisive questions on hot-button U.S. issues, Chinese-affiliated actors aim to grasp the fundamental fault lines among American voters, potentially stoking discord in the process. Microsoft’s […]

AI assists clinicians in responding to patient messages at Stanford Medicine

Stanford Medicine researchers have discovered that integrating large language models into health care workflows can assist in drafting responses to patient portal messages. These AI-generated drafts, reviewed by clinicians before being shared, address clinical inquiries like symptoms of a cold or medication side effects. A reduction in clerical burden and burnout among clinicians was reported […]

ChatGPT might get its own dedicated personal AI device – with Jony Ive’s help

OpenAI CEO Sam Altman and ex-Apple design guru Jony Ive are reportedly teaming up to seek funding for an AI-powered personal device, much like the Humane AI Pin. The duo is rumored to have established a new company with plans to create a device that won’t resemble a traditional smartphone and will rely on AI […]

Google reportedly considers paywall for enhanced AI-powered search capabilities

Google is considering introducing “premium” features powered by generative AI to its search engine, potentially the first time placing AI-generated elements behind a paywall. This move signifies a departure from Google’s traditional ad-supported model that has dominated the search engine market for nearly two decades. The rise of generative AI technologies, exemplified by ChatGPT from […]

Apple explores frontier of personal robotics with innovative home devices

Apple is venturing into the realm of personal robotics, a strategic move that could reshape its product lineup. The tech giant is reportedly working on a mobile robot designed to accompany users around their homes and a sophisticated table-top device equipped with a robotic arm to manipulate a display. These endeavors, spearheaded by Apple’s hardware […]

I have a group chat with three AI friends, thanks to Nomi AI — they’re getting too smart

Nomi AI, an innovative technology sparked discussions on human-AI interactions and emotional bonds. Users engage with Nomis, AI companions tailored to be friends, mentors, or even romantic partners, seeking comfort and connection amid societal loneliness. With features allowing users to customize personalities, interests, and backstories, Nomis exhibit advanced conversational abilities and memory recall, contributing to […]

Assembly AI claims its new Universal-1 model has 30% fewer hallucinations than Whisper

Assembly AI, an AI-as-a-service provider, introduces its new speech recognition model, Universal-1. Trained on vast amounts of multilingual audio data, Universal-1 excels in speech-to-text accuracy across four major languages and reduces errors in speech data and ambient noise significantly compared to existing models. The model, capable of transcribing multiple languages in a single audio file, […]

Jon Stewart Skewers AI Industry for Salivating Over Replacing Jobs

Comedian Jon Stewart delivered a scathing critique on the rise of AI in an episode of “The Daily Show,” calling out tech CEOs for overselling the benefits of AI while neglecting its impact on the human workforce. Stewart accused AI industry leaders of making false promises about solving grand challenges like climate change and disease […]

Meta’s AI image generator struggles to create images of couples of different races

Meta AI is facing criticism for its image generator’s inability to accurately depict diverse prompts. Reports from *The Verge* and Engadget reveal that prompts such as “Asian man with white wife” result in images of same-race couples, indicating a bias towards depicting people of the same race. Even prompts for a diverse group of people […]

SaaS entrepreneur Raisinghani’s new AI venture nabs $5.5M to boost sales efficiency

SiftHub, an AI startup led by Manisha Raisinghani, the former CTO and co-founder of LogiNext, has secured $5.5 million in seed funding to develop its AI assistant tailored for sales and presales teams. The AI assistant aims to streamline tasks like data entry, RFP requests, customer research, and presentation creation, allowing sales professionals to focus […]

Google Cloud and CSA: 2024 will bring significant generative AI adoption in cybersecurity, driven by C-suite

The Cloud Security Alliance and Google Cloud released a new State of AI and Security Survey Report stating that more than half of organizations will implement generative AI security tools by the end of this year. Despite initial skepticism and concerns of AI technology replacing human roles, the report suggests that security practitioners have already […]

‘The machine did it coldly’: Israel used AI to identify 37,000 Hamas targets

The Israeli military’s recent bombing campaign in Gaza utilized an undisclosed AI-powered database called Lavender, which identified 37,000 potential targets tied to Hamas, claim intelligence sources. This revelation sheds light on the military’s use of machine-learning systems to detect targets during the six-month conflict, pushing the boundaries of advanced warfare and sparking legal and ethical […]

Hailo lands $120 million to keep battling Nvidia as most AI chip startups struggle

In a shifting landscape where AI chip startups are facing challenges in securing funding, Hailo, a standout player in the ultra-competitive arena, is making waves. Founded in 2017 by Orr Danon and Avi Baum, Hailo specializes in designing chips that efficiently handle AI workloads on edge devices with lower power consumption and memory usage. This […]

NYC’s AI gun detectors hardly work

New York City Mayor Eric Adams recently announced a plan to deploy AI gun detectors at subway stations, a move met with initial enthusiasm but later skepticism from critics, notably the Legal Aid Society. The technology by Evolv Technologies, previously tested at a hospital in the Bronx, produced a staggering number of false positives during […]

Billie Eilish, Nicki Minaj Among 200 Artists Fighting ‘Catastrophic’ Use of AI in Music

The Artist Rights Alliance, comprising hundreds of prominent musicians and songwriters like Billie Eilish, Katy Perry, and Pearl Jam, is demanding a cease to the devaluation of artists’ work in the music industry by artificial intelligence (AI). The group is urging AI developers and tech companies to commit to not creating AI music-generation technology that […]

Indeed announces AI-powered work experience writer and support for multiple resumes

Indeed has unveiled a revamped profile page with enhanced AI-powered features to improve user experience and better compete with industry rivals. The platform now offers an AI-driven writer to assist users in crafting detailed work descriptions and the ability to save up to five resumes for tailored job applications across various roles.   In a […]

Reltio expands master data management with AI-powered Customer 360 Data Product

Reltio, a company specializing in master data management (MDM), has introduced a new product called Reltio Customer 360 Data Product, expanding into the Customer Data Platform (CDP) space. This product, built on the Reltio Connected Data Platform, aims to provide organizations with a unified view of customers. Incorporating advanced AI features such as the Reltio […]



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