Day: March 26, 2024

Diffusion transformers are the key behind OpenAI’s Sora — and they’re set to upend GenAI

OpenAI’s latest model, Sora, has captured attention by generating videos and interactive 3D environments in real-time, showcasing the cutting edge of GenAI technology. This achievement is underpinned by the diffusion transformer, an AI architecture that has been in existence for years but is now gaining prominence for its transformative capabilities.   Saining Xie, a computer […]

The End of Foreign-Language Education

In a rapidly evolving landscape where AI technologies are transforming language learning and translation, individuals may no longer feel the pressing need to invest time in mastering a second language. The emergence of platforms like HeyGen, offering tools to generate deepfake videos and sophisticated language translation capabilities, challenges the traditional approach to language acquisition. Improved […]

Google DeepMind alumni unveil Bioptimus: Aiming to build first universal biology AI model

French startup ecosystem sees rapid growth, with companies like Bioptimus emerging as key players. Bioptimus, based in Paris, raises $35 million in seed funding to develop the first universal AI model for biology. The startup aims to connect various levels of biology using generative AI, from molecules to organisms. The team at Bioptimus includes former […]

AI tool predicts kidney failure six times faster than human expert analysts

Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust in the UK is revolutionizing kidney care with the use of artificial intelligence (AI) to predict kidney failure more efficiently. The AI tool, developed by Professor Albert Ong and his team, analyzes total kidney volume to forecast the lifespan of kidneys in patients with autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease […]

ChatGPT Is More Likely to Sentence People Who Speak African American English to Death, Researchers Say

A recent study found that large language models (LLMs) from OpenAI, Meta, and Google exhibit covert racial biases against African Americans in their analysis of language patterns, particularly when it comes to dialect. The research, published in March, focused on how LLMs assigned individuals to certain jobs and made legal judgments based on the language […]

‘A landmark moment’: scientists use AI to design antibodies from scratch

Researchers have used groundbreaking generative artificial intelligence (AI) to create novel antibodies, a first in the field. The study, published in a preprint on bioRxiv, marks a significant advancement in harnessing AI for protein design, potentially revolutionizing the therapeutic antibody market, valued in the hundreds of billions. The innovative AI tools aim to streamline antibody […]

Artificial intelligence reveals prostate cancer is not just one disease

Research published in Cell Genomics has unveiled a groundbreaking discovery about prostate cancer, a disease affecting one in six men in the UK during their lifetime. This study, conducted by an international consortium including researchers from the University of Oxford, the University of Manchester, the University of East Anglia, and the Institute of Cancer Research, […]

With ‘Charlie,’ Pfizer is building a new generative AI platform for pharma marketing

Pfizer, the renowned pharmaceutical giant, has introduced a cutting-edge AI platform named “Charlie,” paying homage to the company’s co-founder Charles Pfizer. This innovative platform marks a significant milestone as Pfizer delves into enhancing content supply chains and reshaping its marketing landscape. “Charlie” is currently being integrated into Pfizer’s marketing organization, involving hundreds of staffers in […]

What makes Einstein Copilot a genius? Salesforce says it’s all about the data

Salesforce has unveiled its public beta release of Einstein Copilot, a conversational AI assistant designed to enhance interactions with data and workflows for Salesforce users. The technology, initially introduced as a prototype at the Dreamforce conference in 2023, offers a more open and intuitive integration of AI capabilities than previous offerings by Salesforce. Clara Shih, […]

AI turning nuclear power plants into prime DC real-estate

In the evolving landscape of datacenters, a surprising trend is emerging – the potential partnership between technology’s energy appetite and nuclear power. This unexpected alliance is gaining momentum as firms seek cost-efficient solutions for power-demanding AI workloads while also showcasing commitment to green practices.   One notable player in this trend is startup NE Edge, […]

SambaNova debuts 1 trillion parameter Composition of Experts model for enterprise gen AI

SambaNova Systems has unveiled a groundbreaking feat with the introduction of the Samba-1, a massive one trillion parameter large language model (LLM) that integrates over 50 high-quality AI models. Unlike single models like OpenAI’s GPT-4, Samba-1 adopts a Composition of Experts architecture, allowing for customization to suit specific enterprise needs.   While Samba-1 is a […]

Profluent, spurred by Salesforce research and backed by Jeff Dean, uses AI to discover medicines

Salesforce led the ProGen project to design proteins using generative AI, aiming to revolutionize medical treatment discovery. While the project initially made waves with successful proof-of-concept research, it faded into obscurity post-publication. Recently, former ProGen researcher Ali Madani founded Profluent, a startup focused on commercializing AI-designed proteins for pharmaceutical use.   Madani’s vision for Profluent […]

Microsoft says 11 is the magic number for building AI habits – here’s why

Microsoft has discovered a winning formula to help users develop an AI habit that can streamline their everyday workflow. According to their research involving 1,300 Copilot for Microsoft 365 users across various industries, they found that users begin to derive value from AI when it saves them a mere 11 minutes a day – a […]

U.S. Must Act Quickly to Avoid Risks From AI, Report Says

A report commissioned by the U.S. government and published recently highlights urgent national security risks posed by advanced artificial intelligence (AI) development. The report warns of potential global security destabilization comparable to the introduction of nuclear weapons, emphasizing the looming risks associated with AGI (artificial general intelligence) technology. The authors, who consulted various AI experts […]

Adobe introduces structure reference for Firefly AI and GenStudio for brands

Adobe introduced its innovative GenStudio application at the ongoing Adobe Summit to empower enterprises and brands in creating generative AI assets for campaigns. This new application ensures more user control with its unique “Structure reference” feature, allowing users to upload an image to guide subsequent image generations in terms of arrangement rather than style or […]

OpenAI Sora’s first short film – “Air Head,” created by shy kids.



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