Microsoft says 11 is the magic number for building AI habits – here’s why

Key Points:

  • Users start building an AI habit when it saves them just 11 minutes a day.
  • 11 weeks is the breakthrough moment for AI habit formation.
  • Organizations can help employees establish AI habits by finding easy wins and encouraging consistency for at least 11 weeks.


Microsoft has discovered a winning formula to help users develop an AI habit that can streamline their everyday workflow. According to their research involving 1,300 Copilot for Microsoft 365 users across various industries, they found that users begin to derive value from AI when it saves them a mere 11 minutes a day – a phenomenon termed as “the 11-by-11 tipping point.”


This research also revealed that after 11 weeks – dubbed as the “breakthrough moment,” individuals reported significant improvements in productivity, work enjoyment, work-life balance, and a reduction in meetings attended. The findings suggest that saving 11 minutes a day over 11 weeks is pivotal in cultivating an AI habit.


Microsoft emphasizes the importance of organizations leveraging this information to help employees cultivate AI habits efficiently. They recommend organizations to identify quick wins that save employees 11 minutes daily, such as using AI for note-taking in meetings and summarizing lengthy documents and email threads. Additionally, leaders are encouraged to support and motivate employees to persist with AI until they reach the 11-week mark, as this timeframe is crucial for habit formation and can lead to substantial time savings in the long run.



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