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Deepfakes in the courtroom: US judicial panel debates new AI evidence rules

A federal judicial panel gathered in Washington, DC, to deliberate the complexities of managing AI-generated evidence in court proceedings. The US Judicial Conference’s Advisory Committee on Evidence Rules explored the risks associated with AI manipulation of images and videos, including the creation of deepfakes that could disrupt trials. This meeting occurred amidst nationwide efforts by […]

AI Can Tell Your Political Affiliation Just by Looking at Your Face, Researchers Find

A recent study published in the peer-reviewed American Psychologist journal by researchers at the Graduate School of Business at Stanford University suggests that a combination of facial recognition and artificial intelligence technology can accurately determine a person’s political orientation by analyzing their neutral facial expressions. The study involved 591 participants who completed a political questionnaire, […]

Tech exec predicts ‘AI girlfriends’ will create $1B business: ‘Comfort at the end of the day’

Tech executive Greg Isenberg predicts the imminent rise of a billion-dollar industry centered around AI-generated virtual girlfriends, based on his encounter with a Miami man who spends a hefty $10,000 per month on such companions. The man, a 24-year-old single individual, expressed a deep appreciation for interacting with AI girlfriends, likening it to the way […]

65% of educators think AI can save them time on admin tasks, a new study finds

A recent study by education specialist McGraw Hill, in collaboration with Morning Consult, surveyed 1,000 K-12 grade and higher education professionals across 19 countries to examine the impact of generative AI on education. The research revealed a shift in attitudes towards AI, with a majority of educators now recognizing its positive influence on educational outcomes. […]

Feds appoint “AI doomer” to run US AI safety institute

The US AI Safety Institute, a part of the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), has named its leadership team, with Paul Christiano appointed as the head of AI safety. Christiano, known for predicting potential AI-related risks, has faced criticism for his views that there is a significant chance of AI development leading to […]

US lawmaker proposes a public database of all AI training material

US Representative Adam Schiff has introduced the Generative AI Disclosure Act, requiring AI companies to disclose copyrighted works in their training datasets to the Register of Copyrights. This bill enforces transparency by listing referenced works and providing a URL for creators to verify and potentially seek compensation. The act aims to respect creators’ rights and […]

AI may eventually consume a quarter of America’s power by 2030, warns Arm CEO

Arm CEO, Rene Has, in an interview highlighted by The Wall Street Journal, raised concerns about the increasing energy consumption of artificial intelligence (AI). He warned that AI’s demand for electricity could potentially surge to 25% of the current power grid usage in the United States, which stands at 4%. This prediction aligns with a […]

No One Actually Knows How AI Will Affect Jobs

In a recent discussion with Mary Daly, the CEO of the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco and a qualified labor market economist, insights into the intersection of artificial intelligence (AI) and the workforce were unveiled. Daly highlighted the diverse ways in which businesses are approaching the integration of generative AI technology. While some companies […]

‘AI Instagram Influencers’ Are Deepfaking Their Faces Onto Real Women’s Bodies

In a recent development on Instagram, a group of AI “influencers” has gained significant popularity by appropriating content from authentic female creators to enhance the credibility of these AI-generated personas. This phenomenon raises concerns about the ethics and authenticity of digital influencers on social media platforms. One such example involves a real influencer known as […]

AI Can Pretend To Be Stupider Than It Really Is, Scientists Find

A recent study by researchers from Berlin’s Humboldt University, published in “PLOS One”, reveals that advanced AI models can mimic the language learning stages exhibited in children and even express mental capabilities similar to those stages. Anna Maklová, a research assistant and psycholinguistics expert at Humboldt University, highlighted the significance of the theory of mind […]

Italy sets up €1B AI fund, mulls new penalties for the tech’s misuse

Italy, with the support of state lender Cassa Depositi e Prestiti (CDP), is committing €1 billion to AI development over the next five years. This initiative, announced by Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni, aims to act as a multiplier and attract further investment in AI. The funds, provided by CDP’s venture capital arm, will be divided […]

Canada is ramping up its focus on artificial intelligence with a significant $2.4 billion investment aimed at driving job growth and enhancing productivity. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced the details of this substantial funding in a recent government press release, emphasizing the global importance of AI advancement.   Having established a national AI strategy back […]

Americans’ use of ChatGPT is ticking up, but few trust its election information

In a recent study by the Pew Research Center, it was revealed that the use of ChatGPT, a popular AI chatbot, has been on the rise in the United States. Approximately 23% of U.S. adults have used ChatGPT, reflecting an increase from 18% in July 2023. The survey, conducted in February, explored how Americans engage […]

AI will shrink workforces within five years, say company execs

A recent global survey of 2,000 C-suite executives conducted by Swiss staffing firm Adecco Group and Oxford Economics revealed that 41% of respondents anticipate a reduction in their workforce due to the implementation of artificial intelligence technology over the next five years. The poll covered executives from 18 different industries and nine countries, reflecting the […]

China Is Escalating AI Use in Efforts to Influence US Elections, Microsoft Warns

In the midst of the ongoing U.S. election season, China is ramping up its utilization of artificial intelligence as a tool to interfere in American politics, Microsoft reveals. By posing divisive questions on hot-button U.S. issues, Chinese-affiliated actors aim to grasp the fundamental fault lines among American voters, potentially stoking discord in the process. Microsoft’s […]

Jon Stewart Skewers AI Industry for Salivating Over Replacing Jobs

Comedian Jon Stewart delivered a scathing critique on the rise of AI in an episode of “The Daily Show,” calling out tech CEOs for overselling the benefits of AI while neglecting its impact on the human workforce. Stewart accused AI industry leaders of making false promises about solving grand challenges like climate change and disease […]

Google Cloud and CSA: 2024 will bring significant generative AI adoption in cybersecurity, driven by C-suite

The Cloud Security Alliance and Google Cloud released a new State of AI and Security Survey Report stating that more than half of organizations will implement generative AI security tools by the end of this year. Despite initial skepticism and concerns of AI technology replacing human roles, the report suggests that security practitioners have already […]

‘The machine did it coldly’: Israel used AI to identify 37,000 Hamas targets

The Israeli military’s recent bombing campaign in Gaza utilized an undisclosed AI-powered database called Lavender, which identified 37,000 potential targets tied to Hamas, claim intelligence sources. This revelation sheds light on the military’s use of machine-learning systems to detect targets during the six-month conflict, pushing the boundaries of advanced warfare and sparking legal and ethical […]

NYC’s AI gun detectors hardly work

New York City Mayor Eric Adams recently announced a plan to deploy AI gun detectors at subway stations, a move met with initial enthusiasm but later skepticism from critics, notably the Legal Aid Society. The technology by Evolv Technologies, previously tested at a hospital in the Bronx, produced a staggering number of false positives during […]

Billie Eilish, Nicki Minaj Among 200 Artists Fighting ‘Catastrophic’ Use of AI in Music

The Artist Rights Alliance, comprising hundreds of prominent musicians and songwriters like Billie Eilish, Katy Perry, and Pearl Jam, is demanding a cease to the devaluation of artists’ work in the music industry by artificial intelligence (AI). The group is urging AI developers and tech companies to commit to not creating AI music-generation technology that […]



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