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Hugging Face launching robotics project with former Tesla scientist

Former Tesla scientist Remi Cadene has joined AI platform Hugging Face to lead an open-source robotics project, marking the platform’s potential entry into the robotics market. Cadene, who previously worked on self-driving technology and humanoid robots at Tesla, announced his new venture on social media, seeking engineers to develop real robots in Paris.   Hugging […]

Nvidia, Hugging Face and ServiceNow release new StarCoder2 LLMs for code generation

Nvidia, Hugging Face, and ServiceNow have launched StarCoder2, a new series of open-access large language models (LLMs) designed to enhance AI for code generation. These models, available in three sizes, have been trained on over 600 programming languages to assist enterprises in accelerating various code-related tasks in their workflows. Developed as part of the BigCode […]

New Hugging Face tool helps fight back against deepfakes

Hugging Face, a prominent AI projects and machine learning hosting company, is taking a stand against the escalating threat of AI-generated content manipulation, including deepfakes and voice scams. Led by Margaret Mitchell, a key figure in AI ethics, Hugging Face has unveiled a suite of cutting-edge tools geared towards combating the proliferation of deceptive digital […]

Hugging Face confirms free open source AI Assistant service alternative to OpenAI

Hugging Face has unveiled its latest freebie: Hugging Chat Assistants – designed to add a personal touch to your technological chitchats. This offering from the NYC-based startup is providing users the power to sculpt their own chatbots. Unlike GPT Builder and GPT Store, Hugging Chat Assistant is proudly sporting an ‘open-source’ badge. Philipp Schmid revealed […]

Mistral CEO confirms ‘leak’ of new open source AI model nearing GPT-4 performance

The open source AI community was taken on a rollercoaster ride when a new open source large language model (LLM) called “miqu-1-70b” surfaced on HuggingFace, appearing to rival the top-performing Mistral 8x7b and OpenAI’s GPT-4. The model’s exceptional performance noted by users and experts sparked speculation and curiosity. However, the mystery was unraveled when Mistral’s […]

Hugging Face teams up with Google to accelerate open AI development

The AI landscape is abuzz with the latest strategic collaboration between tech giants Google and Hugging Face. The collaboration aims to empower developers with seamless access to Google Cloud services, fostering the rapid development of open generative AI applications.   This partnership enables teams utilizing Hugging Face’s open-source models to harness the resources of Google […]

Realtime generative AI art is here thanks to LCM-LoRA

Generative AI art, which allows users to generate images based on descriptions, has become popular but can be slow. However, researchers at Tsinghua University and Hugging Face have developed a technique called LCM-LoRA that brings generative AI art creation into real-time.   Users can now paint simple drawings or shapes, and AI art creation applications […]



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