Day: February 17, 2024

Microsoft expands Copilot data protection so more users can chat with ease

Microsoft’s Copilot emerges as a robust ChatGPT rival, equipped with features comparable to OpenAI’s chatbot along with additional enhancements like GPT-4, online accessibility, and footnotes. This new development caters to both professionals and students, providing them with a secure and efficient chatbot experience.   In a recent announcement, Microsoft unveiled the expansion of its commercial […]

A new way to let AI chatbots converse all day without crashing

Researchers from MIT and other institutions have discovered a simple solution to prevent large language models like ChatGPT from crashing during extended conversations. By tweaking the key-value cache used in these models, they developed StreamingLLM, allowing chatbots to engage in lengthy dialogues without performance issues.   Large language models store recent tokens in memory to […]

The FTC warned about ‘quiet’ TOS changes for AI training. Here’s why it might not be enough.

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) recently issued a warning to companies engaging in surreptitious changes to their Terms of Service, cautioning that such actions could be deemed unfair and deceptive. The motivation for altering privacy policies often arises from the desire to leverage user data for training artificial intelligence (AI) models, a trend with notable […]

New Hugging Face tool helps fight back against deepfakes

Hugging Face, a prominent AI projects and machine learning hosting company, is taking a stand against the escalating threat of AI-generated content manipulation, including deepfakes and voice scams. Led by Margaret Mitchell, a key figure in AI ethics, Hugging Face has unveiled a suite of cutting-edge tools geared towards combating the proliferation of deceptive digital […]



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