iOS 18 to include limited on-device AI features

Key Points:

  • Privacy focus with on-device processing in iOS 18
  • AI features in iOS 18 to function without internet connection
  • Apple working on in-house large language model “Ajax”


Apple is gearing up to roll out a major upgrade for Siri with the upcoming release of iOS 18. The tech giant is focusing on enhancing its artificial intelligence capabilities, with a particular emphasis on privacy by processing data directly on the user’s iPhone without the need for cloud services. Reports indicate that the initial features of the upgrade will be operable offline, allowing basic text analysis and response generation without an internet connection.


Sources suggest that Apple’s in-house large language model, internally dubbed “Ajax,” will power these new AI-related features. While more sophisticated functionalities will necessitate an internet connection, basic functions across various apps like Messages, Safari, Spotlight Search, and Siri are expected to be available offline. Apple has been experimenting with on-device text-based response generation, a feature likely to be showcased early on.


To bolster its AI capabilities, Apple has discussed potentially licensing AI technologies from Google and OpenAI instead of developing its own online large language model. The widespread adoption of AI technologies in recent years has spurred Apple’s interest in integrating advanced AI tools into its products. The move towards local processing aims to address concerns related to server-side AI tools, such as inaccuracies and reliance on external data sources.


Apple’s development of the “Ajax” large language model aligns with its strategy to compete with existing AI tools by offering superior text generation quality and eliminating the need for cloud-based processing. By leveraging on-device capabilities, Apple hopes to outperform rival AI services and tools in the market.



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