Bioptimus raises $35 million seed round to develop AI foundational model focused on biology

Paris-based startup Bioptimus is breaking new ground by applying AI specifically to the realm of biology, an area where access to training data is limited due to the sensitive nature of clinical information. Differentiating itself from AI giants like OpenAI, Bioptimus focuses on leveraging the collective knowledge of AI models, emphasizing its commitment to advancing […]

Regulators Alarmed by Doctors Already Using AI to Diagnose Patients

In a recent Politico report, concerns have been raised about the increasing use of unregulated and little-tested AI tools by doctors to aid in diagnosing patients. This practice has the potential to lead to major medical and regulatory scandals. The constantly evolving nature of AI models poses a challenge as they can produce varying results […]

AI Determines Sex of Person From Brain Scans

Researchers at Stanford Medicine have developed an artificial intelligence model that accurately differentiates between male and female brain scans with over 90% accuracy. This groundbreaking AI tool is shedding light on the significant sex-based differences in brain organization, challenging long-standing debates within the scientific community.   Utilizing dynamic MRI scans, the AI model identified specific […]

How a French health insurance unicorn plans to leverage AI to reach profitability

Alan, a French tech company, has experienced significant growth in both its physical office space and market presence. Originally based in a modest office near Canal Saint-Martin in Paris, the company now occupies three floors and boasts a team of 550 employees. Led by co-founder Jean-Charles Samuelian-Werve and chief revenue officer Ludovic Bauplé, Alan has […]

CRISPR gene therapy seems to cure dangerous inflammatory condition

A groundbreaking new approach shows promise in treating a rare genetic condition known as hereditary angioedema. This innovative therapy, utilizing CRISPR technology, targets the gene responsible for kallikrein, a protein linked to inflammation.   In a trial involving nine individuals afflicted with this debilitating condition, results have been nothing short of astounding. Participants experienced a […]

AI cannot be used to deny health care coverage, feds clarify to insurers

CMS decreed that health insurance companies can’t use AI tools to determine Medical Advantage coverage decisions for Medicare Advantage plans. nH Predict, an AI solution developed by NaviHealth and embraced by the likes of UnitedHealth and Humana, is accused of generating doomsday predictions about post-acute care that don’t quite align with medical reality. The CMS […]

Ambience Healthcare raises $70M for its AI assistant led by OpenAI and Kleiner Perkins

Ambience Healthcare is the developing a healthcare operating system designed to streamline clinicians’ arduous administrative tasks. Securing $70 million in funding, the company, initially centered in the U.S., caters to a plethora of ambulatory specialties like cardiology, oncology, pediatrics, and ENT.   While Ambience keeps mum on specific customer figures and platform usage data, notable […]

Robot trained to read braille at twice the speed of humans

Researchers at the University of Cambridge have developed a robotic sensor incorporating artificial intelligence techniques to read braille at speeds roughly double that of most human readers, marking a significant advancement in tactile sensing technology.   The robotic braille reader, using machine learning algorithms, was able to achieve a reading speed of 315 words per […]

AI Can Design Totally New Proteins From Scratch—It’s Time to Talk Biosecurity

The era of custom proteins has arrived, thanks to AI, with the potential to revolutionize medicine, bioengineering, and sustainability. However, concerns about biosecurity and regulation accompany this groundbreaking technology.

Study finds AI-driven eye exams increase screening rates for youth with diabetes

Johns Hopkins Children’s Center Study Finds AI Diabetic Eye Exams Improve Screening Completion Rates Among Youth with Diabetes   A study conducted by Johns Hopkins Children’s Center has discovered that autonomous artificial intelligence (AI) diabetic eye exams significantly improve completion rates for screenings designed to prevent potentially blinding diabetes eye diseases (DED) among children and […]

WHO releases AI ethics and governance guidance for large multi-modal models

The World Health Organization (WHO) is getting with the times, embracing the future of health care with its new guidance on the ethics and governance of large multi-modal models (LMMs). If you’re scratching your head at the term, fear not; LMMs are the AI marvels revolutionizing health care, thanks to their ability to process various […]

AI-driven platform discovers PHD inhibitor for anemia treatment

In Silico Medicine’s Chemistry42 platform has led to the discovery of a novel PHD inhibitor for the treatment of anemia. The inhibitor has shown promising results in treating anemia induced by chronic kidney disease (CKD), with potential global implications. Utilizing structure-based drug discovery and AI-generated candidates, the lead compound 15 demonstrated favorable in vitro/in vivo […]

The First AI Medical Device That Can Detect All Major Skin Cancers Just Received FDA Approval

  With over 5 million cases flagged annually in the U.S., accurately diagnosing this disease is critical to patient survival. DermaSensor, an AI-powered medical marvel is primed to change the way skin cancer is diagnosed. On January 17, 2024, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) gave its nod to DermaSensor, making it the first […]

AlphaFold found thousands of possible psychedelics. Will its predictions help drug discovery?

The protein-structure-prediction tool AlphaFold has been used to identify potential new psychedelic molecules, showing promise in drug discovery and development.AlphaFold’s ability to predict protein structures quickly and accurately has the potential to revolutionize drug design and discovery, significantly shortening the time needed for drug development.   The development of AlphaFold and its potential impact on […]

A new AI-based risk prediction system could help catch deadly pancreatic cancer cases earlier

A groundbreaking project led by MIT’s Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory (CSAIL) and the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center has developed a cutting-edge AI system, PRISM, that predicts an individual’s likelihood of developing pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma (PDAC), the most common form of pancreatic cancer.   The system, utilizing artificial neural networks and an algorithmic […]

AI “Black Box” placed in more hospital operating rooms to improve safety

In a world where technology continues to play a significant role in various industries, hospitals are increasingly adopting AI-powered surveillance technology to usher in a new era of safety and efficiency within operating rooms. This advanced technology is designed to collect audio, video, patient vital signs, and other surgical data, thus providing crucial insights and […]

AMIE: A research AI system for diagnostic medical reasoning and conversations

AMIE is an AI system designed to engage in diagnostic conversations similar to those between clinicians and patients. AMIE is trained using a self-play based simulated learning environment and aims to improve diagnostic accuracy and conversation quality across various medical conditions and patient contexts. The study demonstrates that AMIE achieved diagnostic conversation performance at least […]




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