Startup Uses AI to Edit Human DNA

A Berkeley-based startup, Profluent, claims to have successfully utilized generative AI technologies to edit human DNA, introducing a novel gene editor named OpenCRISPR-1. By harnessing substantial biological data and a large language model, they aim to enhance gene-editing capabilities beyond existing mechanisms for combatting diseases and pathogens.   The company’s breakthrough, detailed in a yet-to-be-peer-reviewed […]

Google and Bayer announce an AI platform to cut radiologists’ workloads

Bayer has entered an agreement with Google Cloud to utilize various Google tools, such as Vertex AI and BigQuery, to create an artificial intelligence platform for radiologists. The platform aims to enhance efficiency by flagging potential issues in images and handling routine tasks, ultimately supporting radiologists in optimizing their work for improved patient care.   […]

Hopes rise for mRNA cancer vaccine after Moderna trial shows promise

Pharma company Moderna made a significant announcement this week, revealing that its mRNA cancer vaccine, initially designed for melanoma, shows potential in treating head and neck cancer as well. This development represents a milestone in expanding the application of mRNA technology beyond COVID treatments.   Moderna’s revelation caused a surge in its stock price, highlighting […]

AI assists clinicians in responding to patient messages at Stanford Medicine

Stanford Medicine researchers have discovered that integrating large language models into health care workflows can assist in drafting responses to patient portal messages. These AI-generated drafts, reviewed by clinicians before being shared, address clinical inquiries like symptoms of a cold or medication side effects. A reduction in clerical burden and burnout among clinicians was reported […]

Google DeepMind alumni unveil Bioptimus: Aiming to build first universal biology AI model

French startup ecosystem sees rapid growth, with companies like Bioptimus emerging as key players. Bioptimus, based in Paris, raises $35 million in seed funding to develop the first universal AI model for biology. The startup aims to connect various levels of biology using generative AI, from molecules to organisms. The team at Bioptimus includes former […]

AI tool predicts kidney failure six times faster than human expert analysts

Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust in the UK is revolutionizing kidney care with the use of artificial intelligence (AI) to predict kidney failure more efficiently. The AI tool, developed by Professor Albert Ong and his team, analyzes total kidney volume to forecast the lifespan of kidneys in patients with autosomal dominant polycystic kidney disease […]

‘A landmark moment’: scientists use AI to design antibodies from scratch

Researchers have used groundbreaking generative artificial intelligence (AI) to create novel antibodies, a first in the field. The study, published in a preprint on bioRxiv, marks a significant advancement in harnessing AI for protein design, potentially revolutionizing the therapeutic antibody market, valued in the hundreds of billions. The innovative AI tools aim to streamline antibody […]

Artificial intelligence reveals prostate cancer is not just one disease

Research published in Cell Genomics has unveiled a groundbreaking discovery about prostate cancer, a disease affecting one in six men in the UK during their lifetime. This study, conducted by an international consortium including researchers from the University of Oxford, the University of Manchester, the University of East Anglia, and the Institute of Cancer Research, […]

Profluent, spurred by Salesforce research and backed by Jeff Dean, uses AI to discover medicines

Salesforce led the ProGen project to design proteins using generative AI, aiming to revolutionize medical treatment discovery. While the project initially made waves with successful proof-of-concept research, it faded into obscurity post-publication. Recently, former ProGen researcher Ali Madani founded Profluent, a startup focused on commercializing AI-designed proteins for pharmaceutical use.   Madani’s vision for Profluent […]

AI-generated digital twins of patients can predict future diseases

Researchers have developed an AI tool called Foresight that can create digital twins of patients and predict future health outcomes. Utilizing generative pre-trained transformers, similar to ChatGPT, the tool was trained on medical records and then used to generate virtual duplicates of patients using fresh healthcare data. These digital twins can forecast various health outcomes, […]

Calmara suggests it can detect STIs with photos of genitals

Calmara, a controversial company in the sexual health tech space, offers an AI tool that claims to determine a person’s STI status by analyzing photos of their genitals. However, experts warn against using such a method due to the unreliability of visual exams and the potential for false results, especially since most STIs are asymptomatic. […]

An AI-Designed Drug Is Moving Toward Approval at an Impressive Clip

Insilico Medicine, a biotechnology company based in New York and Hong Kong, has developed an AI-designed drug, ISM018_055, targeting idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis, a fatal lung disease. The drug has entered Phase II clinical trials, marking a milestone in drug discovery. Insilico utilized AI throughout the drug’s development process with their Pharma.AI platform, significantly accelerating the […]

Tierra Biosciences nabs $11M to create new AI-guided proteins

San Leandro-based Tierra Biosciences is revolutionizing protein development with its AI-guided custom protein synthesis platform. By enabling customers to order proteins online for a variety of applications, from antibodies to growth factors, Tierra significantly accelerates the protein development process. Through its cell-free reagents and robotic platform, Tierra can create proteins in a matter of weeks, […]

NY hospital exec: Multimodal LLM assistants will create a “paradigm shift” in patient care

NewYork-Presbyterian’s Medical Director of AI Operations, Dr. Ashley Beecy, highlighted the potential of large language models’ role in developing virtual doctor assistants. Speaking at the AI Impact Tour in New York, Beecy discussed the hospital system’s use of generative AI for tasks like summarizing patient conversations, aiming to create comprehensive assistants for proactive patient care. […]

Microsoft’s neural voice tool for people with speech disabilities arrives later this year

Microsoft is showcasing advancements in its range of assistive products at its 14th Ability summit, highlighting developments in Azure AI. Recently announced features include AI-powered audio descriptions and the Azure AI studio to aid developers with disabilities in creating machine-learning applications. Updates to the Seeing AI tool offer new languages and richer AI-generated descriptions. The […]

Move over, artificial intelligence. Scientists announce a new ‘organoid intelligence’ field

A team of U.S. researchers is exploring the innovative realm of “organoid intelligence” by harnessing the power of human brain cells to create biocomputers exceeding the efficiency of supercomputers. These lab-grown brain organoids, initially developed by Dr. Thomas Hartung from skin samples, are envisioned to transform pharmaceutical testing, unravel mysteries of the human brain, and […]

Amazon-Owned Health Clinics Reportedly Training AI Chatbot to Triage Patients

Amazon’s influence in the healthcare sector expands as it refashions One Medical’s services, following its $3 billion acquisition in 2022. Patients and employees have raised concerns about shorter appointments, reduced staff, and limited services under Amazon’s control. The e-commerce giant is shifting One Medical towards a more telehealth-centered model, accommodating a larger customer base beyond […]

This AI app will soon screen for type 2 diabetes using just a 6-10 second voice clip

Diabetes emerges as a critical issue due to the body’s struggle with insulin production and absorption of glucose. Type 1 diabetes witnesses a compromised pancreas unable to generate insulin, while Type 2 diabetes, more prevalent, witnesses the body’s ineffectiveness in utilizing insulin for glucose processing. This disease, often undetected despite its severe implications, jeopardizes millions […]

Bioptimus raises $35 million seed round to develop AI foundational model focused on biology

Paris-based startup Bioptimus is breaking new ground by applying AI specifically to the realm of biology, an area where access to training data is limited due to the sensitive nature of clinical information. Differentiating itself from AI giants like OpenAI, Bioptimus focuses on leveraging the collective knowledge of AI models, emphasizing its commitment to advancing […]

Regulators Alarmed by Doctors Already Using AI to Diagnose Patients

In a recent Politico report, concerns have been raised about the increasing use of unregulated and little-tested AI tools by doctors to aid in diagnosing patients. This practice has the potential to lead to major medical and regulatory scandals. The constantly evolving nature of AI models poses a challenge as they can produce varying results […]



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