Day: February 19, 2024

North Korean hackers use ChatGPT to scam Linkedin users

Recent reports reveal that North Korean hackers are leveraging ChatGPT on platforms like LinkedIn to deceive users into divulging sensitive information. OpenAI, the parent company of ChatGPT, and investor Microsoft disclosed the disruption of five state-linked threat actors employing AI services for malicious cyber activities. Identified through Microsoft Threat Intelligence were threat actors from China […]

TikTok’s AI Creative Assistant teams up with Adobe in new integration

TikTok partners with Adobe Express to enhance video creation experience through the integration of its AI-powered Creative Assistant. Adobe Express, a popular tool among TikTok creators, offers templates and media elements for creating polished videos tailored for the social media platform. The new collaboration enables easier optimization of content within Adobe Express, providing users with […]

Regulators Alarmed by Doctors Already Using AI to Diagnose Patients

In a recent Politico report, concerns have been raised about the increasing use of unregulated and little-tested AI tools by doctors to aid in diagnosing patients. This practice has the potential to lead to major medical and regulatory scandals. The constantly evolving nature of AI models poses a challenge as they can produce varying results […]

AI May Destroy Humankind in Just Two Years, Expert Says

AI researcher Eliezer Yudkowsky, known for his pessimistic views on artificial intelligence, recently shared a chilling forecast with _The Guardian_. Yudkowsky expressed a sense that humanity’s remaining timeline appears more like a mere five years rather than the previously assumed 50 years, with the possibility of even shorter timelines. This ominous prediction paints a stark […]

Vitalik Buterin: Ethereum Could Benefit From Using AI to Find Bugs in Code

Ethereum co-founder, Vitalik Buterin, expressed interest in utilizing artificial intelligence to enhance code verification and bug detection within the Ethereum ecosystem. Concerned about potential bugs in the code, Buterin highlighted the need for game-changing AI-assisted formal verification. His tweet ignited responses from startups claiming to have developed such technology.   This enthusiasm for AI contrasts […]

Google says it removed over 170m fake reviews with new algorithm

Google announced that it removed over 170 million fake reviews in 2023, a 45% increase from the previous year, emphasizing its continuous efforts to combat misleading content. With a new machine learning algorithm, Google also eliminated more than 12 million fake business profiles and 14 million policy-violating videos. The tech giant highlights the challenge of […]

AI Determines Sex of Person From Brain Scans

Researchers at Stanford Medicine have developed an artificial intelligence model that accurately differentiates between male and female brain scans with over 90% accuracy. This groundbreaking AI tool is shedding light on the significant sex-based differences in brain organization, challenging long-standing debates within the scientific community.   Utilizing dynamic MRI scans, the AI model identified specific […]

SoftBank’s Masayoshi Son is reportedly seeking $100B to build a new AI chip venture

SoftBank Group’s founder, Masayoshi Son, is aiming high in the AI industry with a new $100 billion venture codenamed Izanagi. This ambitious project would compete in the AI chip market dominated by Nvidia. Collaborating with Arm, the chip design company SoftBank spun out recently, the venture seeks substantial funding, with $70 billion intended to be […]

Hear your imagination: ElevenLabs to launch model for AI sound effects

ElevenLabs, a two-year-old AI startup founded by former Google and Palantir employees, has unveiled plans to introduce a new text-to-sound model. This innovative AI technology will enable creators to generate sound effects by describing their ideas in words, adding a new dimension to content creation in the era of AI-driven digital experiences.   Although the […]

Deepfake fears intensify as Google CEO sounds alarm on AI misinformation

A Google executive has raised concerns about the impact of AI-powered deepfakes on democracy, especially during crucial national elections. The tech industry heavyweights, including Google, Meta, X, Amazon, and TikTok, have collaborated on a scheme to identify and label suspected fake content with malicious intent.   Kent Walker, Google’s president for global affairs, emphasized the […]

Reddit reportedly signed a multi-million content licensing deal with an AI company

Reddit has signed an AI content licensing deal reportedly worth about $60 million annually with a large unnamed AI company, aiming to use user-generated posts and comments to train AI models. This move follows Reddit’s announcement last year of charging companies for API access, enabling them to train chatbots on a wide range of topics […]

Ultiverse gaming startup tries to show ‘AI + crypto’ is not a fad

Ultiverse, a Singapore-based startup, is leading the charge in merging artificial intelligence (AI) and cryptocurrency in the gaming industry. With a recent $4 million strategic funding round led by IDG Capital, Ultiverse’s valuation has soared to $150 million. By leveraging AI to accelerate game production and enhance user engagement, Ultiverse is breaking new ground in […]

Want Gemini and ChatGPT to Write Political Campaigns? Just Gaslight Them

Google and OpenAI, two leading AI companies, have come under scrutiny for the ease with which their AI models, Gemini and ChatGPT, can be manipulated to produce deceptive election content. Despite signing a Tech Accord with other AI firms to combat deceptive use of AI in the 2024 elections, Gizmodo was able to bypass these […]

AI Data Centers Need So Much Power They May Need Built-In Nuclear Reactors

The push for alternative energy sources to power AI data centers is gaining momentum amid concerns over the immense energy demands of these facilities. One innovative solution being explored is the use of small nuclear reactors, known as small modular reactors (SMRs). These scaled-down power plants could potentially provide on-site power for data centers, reducing […]

New chip opens door to AI computing at light speed

Engineers at the University of Pennsylvania have developed an innovative chip that utilizes light waves instead of electricity to perform complex mathematical operations crucial for training artificial intelligence (AI). This breakthrough chip has the potential to significantly boost computing speeds while reducing energy consumption.   The silicon-photonic (SiPh) chip merges the nanoscale material manipulation research […]

Claude AI Chatbot Declared Off Limits to Political Candidates

Anthropic, the AI company known for its ChatGPT competitor, Claude, has implemented strict policies to prevent the misuse of its technology in political campaigning. The company announced that candidates cannot use Claude to create chatbots that impersonate them, nor can the AI be used for targeted political campaigns. Violators of this policy will face warnings […]

Air Canada must honor refund policy invented by airline’s chatbot

Air Canada was compelled to offer a partial refund to a grieving passenger who received erroneous information from the airline’s chatbot regarding bereavement travel policies. The passenger, Jake Moffatt, sought clarification on Air Canada’s bereavement rates after his grandmother’s passing and was incorrectly advised by the chatbot to book a flight and request a refund […]



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