TikTok’s AI Creative Assistant teams up with Adobe in new integration


TikTok partners with Adobe Express to enhance video creation experience through the integration of its AI-powered Creative Assistant. Adobe Express, a popular tool among TikTok creators, offers templates and media elements for creating polished videos tailored for the social media platform. The new collaboration enables easier optimization of content within Adobe Express, providing users with helpful features such as brainstorming assistance, trend insights, and examples of successful ad campaigns directly within the application.


TikTok’s Creative Assistant within Adobe Express is an AI-driven chatbot designed to offer guidance and recommendations for content creation, rather than generating content itself. Users can seek advice on current trends, appropriate hashtags, and even request scripts for paid content or advertising campaigns. The goal of the Creative Assistant is to streamline the content creation process, accelerate workflows, and overcome creative barriers.


By leveraging Adobe Express’s TikTok-focused templates and resources, the Creative Assistant guides users through the entire creative journey, from brainstorming ideas to scheduling and publishing content. It offers prompts such as exploring TikTok trends, crafting high-performing ad creatives, viewing TikTok ad examples, and generating thought starters for ads. To access the Creative Assistant in Adobe Express, users can navigate to ‘Add-ons,’ search for “TikTok Creative Assistant,” and add the feature to their account.


The partnership between TikTok and Adobe Express aims to empower creators to produce engaging and impactful content seamlessly. By combining the strengths of both platforms, users can enhance their video-making capabilities, stay informed about evolving trends, and receive personalized assistance in crafting compelling content for the TikTok community.



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