Mistral CEO Says AI Companies Are Trying to Build God

Key Points:

  • The CEO of Mistral, Arthur Mensch, challenges the pursuit of Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) as a pseudo-religious endeavor.
  • Mensch advocates for focusing on AI that enhances culture and societal values rather than aiming for human-level artificial intelligence.
  • Mistral, led by Mensch, is positioning itself as a significant player in the European AI landscape with support from investors and government entities.


Arthur Mensch, the CEO of Mistral, Europe’s prominent AI firm, dismisses the notion of achieving “artificial general intelligence” (AGI) as akin to attempting to create a god, emphasizing his atheistic beliefs. Mensch’s stance against the AGI pursuit carries weight due to his reputation as Europe’s AI champion at just 31 years old.


Having previously worked at Google DeepMind alongside researchers from Meta, Mensch stands out from Silicon Valley’s enthusiasm for AGI, highlighting cultural differences in AI development between Europe and the U.S. He advocates for swift workforce retraining to cope with the impending AI-driven labor transformations, foreseeing significant changes within the next two years.


Mensch’s pragmatic approach contrasts the excitement around AGI predictions, drawing support from European stakeholders, including investors and the French government. Mistral’s partnership with France aligns with the country’s ambitions to lead the AI landscape in Europe, backed by lobbying efforts to relax EU regulations for AI innovation.



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