Regulators Alarmed by Doctors Already Using AI to Diagnose Patients

Key Points:

  • Doctors using unregulated AI tools for diagnosis
  • Need for regulation of AI in healthcare
  • Challenges in regulating and monitoring AI in medical practice


In a recent Politico report, concerns have been raised about the increasing use of unregulated and little-tested AI tools by doctors to aid in diagnosing patients. This practice has the potential to lead to major medical and regulatory scandals. The constantly evolving nature of AI models poses a challenge as they can produce varying results even after routine updates. Unlike traditional medical products, AI systems require ongoing monitoring and regulation, which is difficult to implement due to limited resources and the complex nature of these technologies.


Government regulators like the FDA are already overwhelmed, making it challenging to create and maintain workflows for testing medical AI systems. Suggestions have been made for medical schools and academic health centers to establish labs to audit the performance of AI healthcare tools. However, questions remain about funding and the representativeness of these audits across different patient populations.


While there is optimism about the potential benefits of AI in healthcare, the current integration of AI into medical practice highlights the need for careful oversight and regulation. The complexities of AI technologies and the critical nature of healthcare decisions underscore the importance of addressing these issues promptly to ensure patient safety and quality care.



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