Google says it removed over 170m fake reviews with new algorithm

Key Points:

  • Google blocked or removed over 170 million fake reviews in 2023.
  • 12 million fake business profiles were removed from its search engine.
  • Google removed 14 million videos that violated its policies.


Google announced that it removed over 170 million fake reviews in 2023, a 45% increase from the previous year, emphasizing its continuous efforts to combat misleading content. With a new machine learning algorithm, Google also eliminated more than 12 million fake business profiles and 14 million policy-violating videos. The tech giant highlights the challenge of moderating the millions of community reviews added daily, necessitating swift detection of fraudulent activity to protect users and businesses. An ongoing battle against search engine issues includes a lawsuit filed by Google against an individual manipulating services with fake reviews. Despite facing challenges with SEO spam, Google is working on improvements to enhance search result quality and user experience, such as grouping links and introducing query shortcuts for faster access to relevant information.



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