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IBM says generative AI can help automate business actions

Businesses are increasingly looking to automate human tasks for greater efficiency, and IBM’s latest research focuses on using generative artificial intelligence (AI), such as large language models (LLMs), to improve automation. The proposed software framework, SNAP, trains an LLM to predict the next action in a business process, offering suggestions for the next steps. This […]

Jaxon AI teams up with IBM watsonx in battle against AI hallucination

Jaxon AI, initially focused on building AI systems for the U.S. Air Force, is now venturing into the enterprise market with Domain-Specific AI Language (DSAIL) to address inaccuracies and hallucinations in large language models (LLMs). Their technology utilizes IBM’s watsonx foundation models and emphasizes creating more reliable AI solutions. The DSAIL approach aims to reduce […]

Meta and IBM form open-source alliance to counter big AI players

The AI Alliance, a new collaboration between IBM and Meta, aims to promote responsible innovation in AI while emphasizing open development. In an industry largely dominated by private AI models, the alliance aims to expand the availability of open-source AI models, allowing more people to access the benefits, build innovative products, and prioritize safety.   […]

IBM releases 1,000+ qubit processor, roadmap to error correction

IBM has produced two quantum systems, Condor and Heron, which are significant advancements in quantum processors. The roadmap includes error-corrected qubits by the end of the decade. The focus is on improving qubit quality, gate performance, and connectivity for useful error correction.



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