Day: December 5, 2023

Mistral AI nears $2B valuation — less than 12 months after founding

Mistral AI, a French generative AI startup, is on the rise with a nearly $2B valuation less than a year after its founding. The company’s focus on building smaller language models for developers sets it apart from its competitors, targeting lower latency and costs. The recent funding round of about €450mn includes investments from Silicon […]

EnCharge raises $22.6M to commercialize its AI-accelerating chips

EnCharge AI, a startup, has raised $22.6 million in funding to commercialize its AI-accelerating chips. The company aims to provide broader access to AI for organizations by developing sustainable and cost-effective AI chips and solutions. EnCharge’s mission is to unlock AI’s full potential by enabling new AI use cases and form factors that run sustainably […]

Foretellix raises $85M to build and test scenarios for self-driving systems

Foretellix, a startup focusing on testing self-driving systems, has raised $85 million in funding for its platform. The platform aims to help train AI for autonomous vehicles to respond reliably to various scenarios. The round is led by Israeli VC 83North, with strategic backers from the automotive and chip industries. Foretellix’s customer list includes major […]

Companies using AI want human workers to ‘disappear’

In a witty, smart, and slightly lighthearted style, it seems that companies are increasingly aiming to eliminate the need for human workers by integrating advanced AI technologies. David Hsu, the CEO of Retool, discussed how AI is driving companies to seek full-on automation, with the goal of making human workers ‘disappear’ to achieve massive cost […]

Calm’s ‘It’s a Wonderful Sleep Story’ will star Jimmy Stewart’s AI-generated voice

Calm’s latest sleep story, ‘It’s a Wonderful Sleep Story,’ features an AI-generated voice of late actor Jimmy Stewart, known for his role in ‘It’s a Wonderful Life.’ The AI-generated voice was recreated by Respeecher, a Kyiv-based startup, with the consent of Stewart’s family and estate. The project has sparked discussions about the ethical and legal […]

Respell wants to help non-technical end users spin up AI-powered workflows

Startups are changing the game with AI automation, and Respell is leading the charge in helping non-technical users create AI-powered workflows. Founder Matthew Rastovac’s experience as a high school intern led him to develop a solution to automate mind-numbing tasks, and now his company is offering a platform that allows non-technical individuals to harness the […]

Kenya’s tech industry is fighting AI regulation plans

Kenya’s tech industry is in a battle against AI regulation, fearing stifled innovation and reduced investment. The proposed bill aims to regulate AI practitioners, impose license fees, and secure government funding for AI research. Critics argue that it could deter private investment, limit opportunities for young innovators, and tarnish Kenya’s ‘Silicon Savannah’ reputation. The debate […]

Microsoft Seeing AI app lands on Android to help blind and visually impaired users

Microsoft’s Seeing AI app, designed to assist blind and visually impaired users, is now available on Android. The app can identify and describe people, objects, text, and scenes, helping users navigate their surroundings. With features like text recognition, document scanning, barcode reading, scene description, people identification, and currency analysis, Seeing AI provides valuable assistance. The […]

a16z Funded AI Platform Generated Images That “Could Be Categorized as Child Pornography,” Leaked Documents Show

AI Platform Generated Images That ‘Could Be Categorized as Child Pornography,’ Leaked Documents Show

Kyron Learning secures $14.6M to expand its conversational AI technology

Kyron Learning, an AI-based learning startup, has secured $14.6 million in Series A funding along with an $850,000 grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. The funding will help further develop Kyron’s generative AI capabilities and expand its K-12 math curriculum. The platform allows students to interact with lessons using text or voice, with […]

Bing’s new ‘Deep Search’ feature offers more comprehensive answers to complex search queries

Bing, Microsoft’s search engine, is introducing a new feature called ‘Deep Search’ powered by OpenAI’s GPT-4. Deep Search aims to provide more comprehensive answers to complex search queries by expanding the query and offering a detailed description of the desired results. It also finds relevant web pages that may not show up in typical search […]

Alibaba’s ‘Animate Anyone’ Is Trained on Scraped Videos of Famous TikTokers

Chinese retail giant Alibaba has released a new image-to-video model called ‘Animate Anyone’, which has gained attention for its potential to replace TikTok personalities. The model takes TikTok dance videos as input and creates AI-generated replicas of the dances. While the results are slightly worse than the originals, as with all AI advancements, it is […]

Microsoft’s Copilot is getting OpenAI’s latest models and a new code interpreter

Microsoft’s Copilot is receiving updates including OpenAI’s GPT-4 Turbo model, an improved DALL-E 3 model, a new code interpreter feature, and deep search functionality for Bing. The GPT-4 Turbo model will allow Copilot to understand queries better and provide improved responses. The updated DALL-E 3 model enables Copilot to create higher quality and more accurate […]

Nvidia Launches Cloud-Based APIs to Accelerate AI Deployment in Medical Imaging

In a delightful fusion of cloud-based technology and medical imaging, tech giant Nvidia has launched a new set of cloud-based APIs to accelerate the deployment of specialized AI models in the field of medical imaging. The APIs are an extension of Nvidia’s Monai framework, which aims to facilitate the integration of AI into medical imaging […]

Meta and IBM form open-source alliance to counter big AI players

The AI Alliance, a new collaboration between IBM and Meta, aims to promote responsible innovation in AI while emphasizing open development. In an industry largely dominated by private AI models, the alliance aims to expand the availability of open-source AI models, allowing more people to access the benefits, build innovative products, and prioritize safety.   […]

Why AI Is Detaining Sex Workers at the Border—and You May Be Next

Challenges Faced by Sex Workers: There is surveillance and scrutiny they encounter when traveling internationally and there are instances where sex workers have been detained, questioned, and banned from entering certain countries, shedding light on the significant obstacles they face while exercising their basic right to travel. Impact of Surveillance Technologies: There is pervasive use […]

Elon Musk is looking to raise $1 billion for xAI

Elon Musk is on a quest to raise a whopping $1 billion for his AI company, xAI. With $135 million secured from four undisclosed investors, Musk is still seeking additional funding to reach his ambitious goal. xAI is developing Grok, a chatbot set to rival OpenAI’s ChatGPT and Google’s Bard, promising to have a rebellious […]

New report illuminates why OpenAI board said Altman “was not consistently candid”

Sam Altman, CEO of OpenAI, was temporarily removed due to alleged dishonesty with the board, particularly in attempts to manipulate the removal of a fellow board member. This incident shed light on power struggles and internal conflicts within the company, hinting at potential concerns regarding their commitment to AI safety and ethical operations. On the […]

Bing’s GPT-4-powered Deep Search takes its time with AI questions

Microsoft is introducing a new feature for Bing called Deep Search powered by GPT-4, which can expand a user’s query and provide detailed prompts covering various related topics. The feature can transform a vague search into a comprehensive prompt, covering multiple facets of the initial query, and presents the results in a panel for users […]



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