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Stability, Midjourney, Runway hit back in AI art lawsuit

The ongoing class-action copyright battle between artists and AI image generation companies has reached a new chapter. The defendants, including Stability AI, Midjourney, Runway, and DeviantArt filed a flurry of motions aiming to have the case entirely dropped and dismissed with prejudice. The artists initially claimed copyright infringement, alleging that the AI companies unlawfully scraped […]

Runway Gen-2 adds multiple motion controls to AI videos with Multi Motion Brush

AI video creation is rapidly advancing, and New York City-based startup Runway has updated its Gen-2 foundation model with a new tool called Multi Motion Brush, which allows creators to add multiple directions and types of motion to their AI video creations.   The introduction of Multi Motion Brush strengthens the set of tools Runway […]

Runway partners with Getty Images to build enterprise ready AI tools

Runway, in collaboration with Getty Images, is introducing a new model that allows companies to create custom video content using AI. This Runway Getty Images Model (RGM) is designed to enable fine-tuning using proprietary datasets, catering to various industries such as Hollywood studios, advertising, media, broadcasting, and more. It aims to revolutionize content creation by […]



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