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Snowflake says its new LLM outperforms Meta’s Llama 3 on half the training

Snowflake, a leading data warehousing cloud vendor, has made a significant advancement in artificial intelligence (AI) by introducing an open-source large language model called Arctic. Snowflake claims that Arctic outperforms Meta’s Llama 3 and offers enhanced efficiency in enterprise tasks like SQL coding for database retrieval while requiring less training compute budget. The company has […]

Snowflake and Landing AI combine forces to tackle unstructured data challenges with computer vision

Snowflake, a prominent data warehousing company, recently announced a strategic partnership with Landing AI, a startup founded by AI expert Andrew Ng. This collaboration aims to integrate Landing AI’s advanced computer vision technology into Snowflake’s Data Cloud, offering enterprises new opportunities to leverage visual data effectively. In a world where unstructured data, including images and […]

Snowflake partners with Mistral AI, taking its open LLMs to the data cloud

Snowflake has entered into a multi-year partnership with Mistral, a Paris-based AI startup that recently secured Europe’s largest seed round. This collaboration will integrate Mistral’s large language models (LLMs) into Snowflake’s data cloud, allowing customers to access these models for building LLM applications. Snowflake has also invested in Mistral through its corporate venture capital arm. […]



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