Day: March 17, 2024

AI startup Cerebras unveils the WSE-3, the largest chip yet for generative AI

Cerebras Systems, a prominent player in the chip industry, recently unveiled their latest innovation, the “Wafer Scale Engine 3” (WSE-3), a groundbreaking achievement and the world’s largest semiconductor chip. This third-generation AI chip is designed for training AI models, offering impressive performance enhancements over its predecessor, the WSE-2. CEO Andrew Feldman highlighted that the new […]

Databricks invests in Mistral and brings its AI models to data intelligence platform

Databricks, led by Ali Ghodsi, has partnered with the Paris-based startup Mistral to integrate Mistral’s large language models (LLMs) into Databricks’ data intelligence platform. Databricks’ investment in Mistral, combined with bringing select LLMs to its platform, amplifies opportunities for enterprise users in generative AI applications without compromising security protocols. This move signifies Databricks as a […]

Google DeepMind just introduced an AI agent that plays video games with you

Google DeepMind’s subsidiary, DeepMind, has introduced a groundbreaking AI agent named SIMA. Unlike traditional game AI programmed for victory, SIMA is designed to learn and play video games by following instructions, mimicking human gameplay experiences. Standing for “Scalable, Instructable, Multiworld Agent,” SIMA is focused on broadening its capabilities to play any video game, including open-world […]

Microsoft gives major upgrade to Copilot AI with GPT-4 Turbo

Microsoft has enhanced its Copilot AI assistant by integrating it with OpenAI’s advanced GPT-4 Turbo model, offering a significant performance boost for both free and paid users. The integration allows users to toggle between GPT-4 Turbo and the standard GPT-4, ensuring flexibility for different user preferences.   CEO Mikhail Parakhin specified that all Copilot modes […]

Snowflake and Landing AI combine forces to tackle unstructured data challenges with computer vision

Snowflake, a prominent data warehousing company, recently announced a strategic partnership with Landing AI, a startup founded by AI expert Andrew Ng. This collaboration aims to integrate Landing AI’s advanced computer vision technology into Snowflake’s Data Cloud, offering enterprises new opportunities to leverage visual data effectively. In a world where unstructured data, including images and […]

Zscaler buys Avalor to bring more AI into its security tools

Cloud security company Zscaler, based in San Jose, California, has acquired cybersecurity startup Avalor for $310 million in cash and equity. The acquisition aims to enhance Zscaler’s platform by integrating capabilities such as streamlined reporting of security incidents, incident mitigation, asset discovery, data classification, and security policy generation. Avalor, founded by Raanan Raz and Kfir […]

Apple acquires AI startup specializing in overlooking manufacturing components

Apple has added to its AI startup acquisitions by purchasing DarwinAI, a Canada-based company specializing in vision-based technology for manufacturing efficiency, as reported by Bloomberg. While the deal has not been officially announced, members of DarwinAI’s team have joined Apple’s machine learning groups in January, according to their LinkedIn profiles.   DarwinAI had secured over […]

AI-powered robotics will fuel jobs disruptions in ways we don’t realize

The automation revolution looms as advancements in AI and robotics continue to accelerate, sparking both excitement and concern about the future of work and daily life. A recent demo by Aescape in Manhattan, showcasing robotic arms for massages, highlights the potential impact on industries like massage therapy. While the prospect of automation threatening jobs is […]

Apple researchers achieve breakthroughs in multimodal AI as company ramps up investments

Apple researchers have made significant strides in advancing artificial intelligence with the development of new methods for training large language models on both text and images. The findings, detailed in a research paper titled “MM1: Methods, Analysis & Insights from Multimodal LLM Pre-training,” highlight the importance of combining various training data and model architectures to […]

India drops plan to require approval for AI model launches

India has backtracked on a recent AI advisory that required government approval before launching or deploying AI models, amid criticism from entrepreneurs and investors. The Ministry of Electronics and IT unveiled an updated advisory that no longer mandates approval but urges firms to label unreliable AI models. The move follows backlash from industry figures, including […]



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