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AI-powered robotics will fuel jobs disruptions in ways we don’t realize

The automation revolution looms as advancements in AI and robotics continue to accelerate, sparking both excitement and concern about the future of work and daily life. A recent demo by Aescape in Manhattan, showcasing robotic arms for massages, highlights the potential impact on industries like massage therapy. While the prospect of automation threatening jobs is […]

Turnitin laid off staff earlier this year, after CEO forecast AI would allow it to cut headcount

Turnitin, a leading plagiarism detection company, has confirmed a recent round of layoffs, underscoring CEO Chris Caren’s prediction that AI advancements would eventually lead to reducing their workforce by 20%. Although the actual number of layoffs was around 15 employees, a far cry from the forecasted percentage due to the company’s size – boasting over […]

Use of AI could create a four-day week for almost one-third of workers

Artificial intelligence, or AI, may hold the key to a four-day workweek in the not-so-distant future. According to a new study from the thinktank Autonomy, the introduction of AI could potentially reduce the working week from 40 to 32 hours for millions of workers by 2033. That’s right, folks, more free time for all!   […]



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