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Salesforce strengthens Mulesoft with AI tools to extract data, automate workflows

Salesforce, a prominent CRM company led by Marc Benioff, has unveiled plans to enhance Mulesoft’s automation, integration, and API management solutions with new AI tools shortly after launching Einstein Copilot for Tableau. These new features set to roll out in the upcoming months include an Intelligent Document Processing tool for extracting and organizing data from […]

What makes Einstein Copilot a genius? Salesforce says it’s all about the data

Salesforce has unveiled its public beta release of Einstein Copilot, a conversational AI assistant designed to enhance interactions with data and workflows for Salesforce users. The technology, initially introduced as a prototype at the Dreamforce conference in 2023, offers a more open and intuitive integration of AI capabilities than previous offerings by Salesforce. Clara Shih, […]

Profluent, spurred by Salesforce research and backed by Jeff Dean, uses AI to discover medicines

Salesforce led the ProGen project to design proteins using generative AI, aiming to revolutionize medical treatment discovery. While the project initially made waves with successful proof-of-concept research, it faded into obscurity post-publication. Recently, former ProGen researcher Ali Madani founded Profluent, a startup focused on commercializing AI-designed proteins for pharmaceutical use.   Madani’s vision for Profluent […]

Salesforce aims to blaze new generative AI trail for developers with Einstein 1 Studio

Salesforce introduces Einstein 1 Studio, an advanced AI toolset geared towards customizing the Einstein Copilot gen AI assistant. This release coincides with the TrailblazerDX developer conference, showcasing tools for tailored user experiences. The three core components of Einstein 1 Studio—Copilot Builder, Prompt Builder, and Model Builder—empower developers to create custom AI actions, prompts, and models […]

Salesforce Tableau looks beyond business intelligence dashboards with AI-powered Pulse

Salesforce has announced the general availability of its Tableau Pulse technology, offering organizations enhanced business intelligence insights through the power of artificial intelligence (AI). Tableau Pulse, initially previewed in May 2023 and beta-tested in December 2023, leverages generative AI and natural language queries to highlight key metrics, trends, and recommendations tailored to each organization’s unique […]

With AI upgrade, Salesforce’s Einstein Copilot will handle unstructured data

Salesforce, a leading CRM platform, has enhanced its Einstein Copilot, a conversational AI assistant, with the ability to retrieve information from unstructured data. This upgrade, announced at the Salesforce World Tour New York 2023 event, will enable Copilot to provide smart suggestions and answer complex prompts by tapping into both real-time unstructured and structured business […]

Salesforce strengthens AI play with vector database support, enhanced Einstein Copilot

Salesforce is enhancing its AI capabilities with vector database support and AI search functionality, which will become part of the Einstein 1 Platform, aiming to make it easier for teams to leverage AI in their workflows.   The integration of vector database support into Salesforce’s Data Cloud will streamline the use of unstructured business data […]

Salesforce and AWS Expand Partnership for Customers to More Easily Build Trusted AI Apps

Salesforce and AWS have deepened their partnership, expanding product integrations across data and AI, and making select Salesforce products available on the AWS Marketplace. This allows joint customers to seamlessly manage their data across both platforms and infuse the latest generative AI technologies into their applications and workflows. The joint innovations aim to enhance data […]



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