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‘AI Instagram Influencers’ Are Deepfaking Their Faces Onto Real Women’s Bodies

In a recent development on Instagram, a group of AI “influencers” has gained significant popularity by appropriating content from authentic female creators to enhance the credibility of these AI-generated personas. This phenomenon raises concerns about the ethics and authenticity of digital influencers on social media platforms. One such example involves a real influencer known as […]

Italian PM seeks justice for deepfake porn video amid surge in cases

Italy’s Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni is pursuing €100,000 in damages from a 40-year-old and his father for circulating deepfake pornographic videos of her, which gained millions of views pre-appointment in 2022. Meloni has pledged to donate the compensation to a fund aiding women subjected to gender-based violence. Despite the identification of these culprits, tracking down […]

ElevenLabs Block on Cloning Biden’s Voice Easily Bypassed

ElevenLabs, a highly anticipated AI startup, has implemented a new ‘no-go voices’ policy following a concerning incident in which its technology was utilized in a robocall impersonating President Biden. Despite this purported safeguard, investigative tests conducted by 404 Media have unveiled loopholes that allow malicious actors to bypass these protections. This revelation highlights potential weaknesses […]

AOC Announces Bill That Would Let Women Sue People Who Make Deepfake Porn of Them

Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has introduced the DEFIANCE Act of 2024, aiming to empower victims of deepfaked porn to sue creators, according to Rolling Stone. This bill, if passed, would amend the 1994 Violence Against Women Act, providing legal recourse for individuals targeted by nonconsensual deepfakes, a phenomenon predominantly affecting women and girls. Ocasio-Cortez emphasizes the […]

Florida teens arrested for creating “deepfake” AI nude images of classmates

Two Florida middle school students, ages 13 and 14, were arrested and charged with third-degree felonies for creating deepfake nudes of their classmates using an artificial intelligence application. This incident marks the first criminal charges in the U.S. related to AI-generated explicit images. The boys were arrested under a Florida law that criminalizes sharing deepfake […]

Hundreds of AI luminaries sign letter calling for anti-deepfake legislation

The artificial intelligence community, with more than 500 signatories including notable figures like Jaron Lanier and Frances Haugen, has issued an open letter advocating for strict regulation of AI-generated impersonations known as deepfakes. The letter urges governments to implement obligations throughout the supply chain to combat the proliferation of deepfakes. Key proposals include criminalizing deepfake […]

This Ohio Candidate Welcomes AI In His Political Campaign—Will Voters?

Ohio Democratic congressional candidate Matthew Diemer has turned to artificial intelligence to engage with voters, deploying an AI version of himself through Civox, a London-based AI tool provider. This innovative approach allows Diemer to interact one-on-one with a larger number of constituents, facilitating basic conversations and answering questions. The AI technology is designed to mimic […]

Deepfake fears intensify as Google CEO sounds alarm on AI misinformation

A Google executive has raised concerns about the impact of AI-powered deepfakes on democracy, especially during crucial national elections. The tech industry heavyweights, including Google, Meta, X, Amazon, and TikTok, have collaborated on a scheme to identify and label suspected fake content with malicious intent.   Kent Walker, Google’s president for global affairs, emphasized the […]

Claude AI Chatbot Declared Off Limits to Political Candidates

Anthropic, the AI company known for its ChatGPT competitor, Claude, has implemented strict policies to prevent the misuse of its technology in political campaigning. The company announced that candidates cannot use Claude to create chatbots that impersonate them, nor can the AI be used for targeted political campaigns. Violators of this policy will face warnings […]

New Hugging Face tool helps fight back against deepfakes

Hugging Face, a prominent AI projects and machine learning hosting company, is taking a stand against the escalating threat of AI-generated content manipulation, including deepfakes and voice scams. Led by Margaret Mitchell, a key figure in AI ethics, Hugging Face has unveiled a suite of cutting-edge tools geared towards combating the proliferation of deceptive digital […]

FCC officially declares AI-voiced robocalls illegal

The FCC’s ongoing battle against annoying robocalls has just received a boost, with the regulatory body cracking down on the use of AI-generated voices in automated calling scams. While this new ruling won’t entirely eradicate the influx of fake Joe Bidens infiltrating our phones during election seasons, it’s certainly a step in the right direction. […]

Iran-backed hackers interrupt UAE TV streaming services with deepfake news

Iranian hackers disrupt TV streaming services in the UAE by airing deepfake news reports on the Gaza conflict. Microsoft links the cyberattack to the Islamic Revolutionary Guards and their AI-generated news channel “For Humanity.” The fake news anchor showed unverified footage of Palestinian casualties, alarming viewers in Dubai and beyond.   The interference extended to […]

Deepfake Video Call Scams Finance Bro Out of $25 Million

Welcome to the age of digital deception! In a jaw-dropping heist straight out of a Hollywood thriller, a finance worker in Hong Kong was conned into wiring over $25 million to scammers posing as his colleagues and company CFO in a sophisticated deepfake video call. The employee, initially suspicious of phishing attempts, fell victim to […]

Microsoft adds new Designer protections following Taylor Swift deepfake debacle

Microsoft’s graphic design app, Designer, includes the Image Creator, which leverages DALLE-3 to generate realistic images. However, recent incidents of AI-generated deepfakes sexualizing celebrities have prompted Microsoft to implement new protections, as loopholes allowed inappropriate content generation. The company has strengthened safety systems and prohibited the creation of adult or non-consensual intimate content to address […]

Explicit AI deepfakes of Taylor Swift have fans and lawmakers up in arms

Taylor Swift’s likeness was used in AI-generated deepfake still images and videos depicting explicit sexual activities, which provoked widespread condemnation and calls for increased regulation of generative AI.   Lawmakers, such as Congressman Tom Kean Jr., have introduced bills to regulate AI, including requiring clear labeling of AI-generated content and permitting victims of nonconsensual deepfakes […]

Officials Investigating AI-Powered Joe Biden Calling People in New Hampshire

In New Hampshire, a series of robocalls targeting Democrats used a fake Biden voice to tell people not to vote in the state’s presidential primaries, prompting an investigation by the Attorney General’s Office.   The robocalls appear to be an attempt to disrupt efforts to get people to vote for Biden in the Democratic primary, […]

Sharing deepfake porn could lead to lengthy prison time under proposed law

The US is taking a bold stance against the dubious realm of deepfake pornography, stirred by a scandal in a New Jersey high school where young perpetrators used AI to create and distribute non-consensual fake nude images of their classmates. It seems the legislative cavalry is charging forth, with Rep. Joseph Morelle unfurling the “Preventing […]

Taylor Swift deepfake used for Le Creuset giveaway scam

Taylor Swift and other celebrities have been targeted by scammers using AI-generated voice clones to sell fake products. The scammers duped consumers into paying for non-existent freebies, causing financial harm. With little regulation in place, the responsibility falls on platforms like YouTube to address deepfakes, while some are even considering using AI-generated versions of real […]

Deepfaked Celebrity Ads Promoting Medicare Scams Run Rampant on YouTube

The article “Shoddy AI Clones of Celebrities Are Hawking Medicare and Medicaid Scams on YouTube” sheds light on a concerning issue of scammy ads on YouTube, utilizing AI voice cloning and deepfake technology. These AI-generated ads promote fake government grants and relief packages, often featuring cloned voices of celebrities such as Joe Rogan, Taylor Swift, […]

GenAI could make KYC effectively useless

The world of financial security is under threat as generative AI technology makes it increasingly easy to create convincing deepfake ID images, raising doubts about the effectiveness of KYC authentication processes. While KYC systems have long relied on ID images and selfies to verify customers’ identities, the emergence of generative AI tools now presents a […]



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