Day: January 10, 2024

Database of 16,000 Artists Used to Train Midjourney AI, Including 6-Year-Old Child, Garners Criticism

Midjourney, a company utilizing generative artificial intelligence, faced backlash over the use of a Google Sheet containing the names of over 16,000 artists for training its AI text-to-image generator. The list included well-known artists, commercial illustrators, and even a six-year-old child who had contributed art to the Magic the Gathering trading card game and a […]

McAfee unveils Project Mockingbird to stop AI voice clone scams

McAfee introduces Project Mockingbird, an AI-powered technology aimed at detecting and combating AI-generated deepfake audio used for scams and disinformation. The technology aims to protect consumers from the escalating threat of deepfake scams, including manipulated videos and audio used for fraudulent purposes, particularly in the context of the 2024 U.S. Presidential election. McAfee’s Project Mockingbird […]

Jeffrey Katzenberg Says A.I. Will Eliminate 90 Percent of Artist Jobs on Animated Films

Legendary film executive Jeffrey Katzenberg believes that the future of animation will be heavily impacted by artificial intelligence (AI), with 90% of animation artists being replaced by AI. He emphasized the dramatic impact of AI on media and entertainment, predicting a 10x greater influence in the next 10 years. Katzenberg highlighted AI as a disruptive […]

Life span increases in mice when specific brain cells are activated

Researchers at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis have discovered a crucial feedback loop between the brain and fat tissue that has a significant impact on aging in mice. The study identifies specific neurons in the hypothalamus that, when activated, signal the body’s fat tissue to release energy, which results in delayed aging […]

England’s legal system has approved the use of artificial intelligence to assist judges in producing rulings, marking a cautious step into the future of technology within the judiciary. The technology is limited to writing opinions and is not to be used for research or legal analyses to prevent the dissemination of misleading or biased information. […]

Connected cars, powered by AI, will make up 95% of all vehicles on the road by 2030

In a survey conducted by Salesforce, it was revealed that the majority of car owners and lessors in the United States lack a clear understanding of the concept of a connected car and the extent of data collection associated with it. This presents an opportunity for automakers to clarify and communicate the connected car experience […]

Taylor Swift deepfake used for Le Creuset giveaway scam

Taylor Swift and other celebrities have been targeted by scammers using AI-generated voice clones to sell fake products. The scammers duped consumers into paying for non-existent freebies, causing financial harm. With little regulation in place, the responsibility falls on platforms like YouTube to address deepfakes, while some are even considering using AI-generated versions of real […]

This women’s smart health ring uses AI to analyze menstrual and sleep data

The Evie Ring, a smart health and fitness wearable designed specifically for women, is revolutionizing women’s health data tracking by leveraging a custom AI engine. Priced at $269, this ring offers advanced tracking capabilities and is one of the few products from CES 2024 that is available for immediate purchase. The Evie Ring, recognized with […]

ChatGPT maker OpenAI launches GPT Store and a subscription tier for teams

OpenAI has recently introduced the GPT Store, allowing creators to build and distribute custom versions of the popular ChatGPT chatbot. Moreover, they have unveiled the ChatGPT Team subscription tier, catering to smaller teams and offering enhanced data security and support for longer queries.

MMGuardian debuts AI smartphones for kids

At the CES 2024 tech trade show, MMGuardian introduced an AI-powered smartphone designed specifically for kids to address the evolving needs of teenagers, offering a suite of features emphasizing parental control and child safety.   The AI harnesses deep learning models to detect inappropriate selfies, providing protection against online risks such as sexting, sextortion, and […]

Rabbit sells out 10,000 units of its R1 pocket AI companion in one day

The pocket-size Rabbit R1 gadget that is designed to perform tasks via apps has quickly sold out from its first batch, with 10,000 units sold in just one day after its launch. Despite initially aiming to sell 500 devices on launch day, the company exceeded expectations by 20 times, signaling strong consumer interest and demand. […]

The startup that wants to cure diseases and slow aging, with the help of AI

Insilico, a pioneering company, has incorporated the revolutionary AlphaFold technology to predict protein shapes using AI. Petrina Kamya showcased how the company utilizes AlphaFold to generate potential new drugs entirely through computer simulations. Insilico has leveraged this technology to earn substantial revenue through licensing fees for its small molecule drug candidates. With successful advances in […]

The Rabbit r1 is an AI-powered sidekick that’s like a future version of Siri

The Rabbit r1 is an AI-powered sidekick that’s like a future version of Siri



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