Connected cars, powered by AI, will make up 95% of all vehicles on the road by 2030

Key Points:

  • The lack of understanding among drivers regarding the benefits and data collection associated with connected cars presents a significant opportunity for automakers to educate consumers and articulate the connected car experience.
  • There is a growing willingness among drivers to pay a premium for advanced features in their vehicles, indicating a potential market for enhanced connected car services.
  • Drivers are increasingly open to sharing personal data in exchange for benefits such as better insurance rates and enhanced personalization, highlighting the evolving consumer attitude towards data privacy and value exchange in the automotive industry.


In a survey conducted by Salesforce, it was revealed that the majority of car owners and lessors in the United States lack a clear understanding of the concept of a connected car and the extent of data collection associated with it. This presents an opportunity for automakers to clarify and communicate the connected car experience and data usage policies to consumers as connected cars are projected to represent 95% of all vehicles on the road by 2030, generating significant amounts of data. The survey also highlighted several key findings, including the need for greater awareness of the benefits of connected cars, the willingness of drivers to pay a premium for advanced features, and their willingness to share personal data in exchange for valuable benefits.



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