FCC officially declares AI-voiced robocalls illegal

Key Points:

  • FCC declares AI-generated voices illegal in automated calling scams
  • Robocalls already prohibited under the Telephone Consumer Protection Act
  • AI-cloned voice calls now fall under proscribed categories and can be used as evidence


The FCC’s ongoing battle against annoying robocalls has just received a boost, with the regulatory body cracking down on the use of AI-generated voices in automated calling scams. While this new ruling won’t entirely eradicate the influx of fake Joe Bidens infiltrating our phones during election seasons, it’s certainly a step in the right direction.


In essence, the FCC has clarified that AI-generated voices fall under the category of ‘artificial’ and are therefore prohibited under existing laws like the Telephone Consumer Protection Act. This decision, spurred by recent incidents involving fake President Biden calls, serves as a warning to shady operations looking to exploit AI technology for fraudulent purposes.


The ruling aims to deter the negative implications of AI use in robocalls, emphasizing the importance of consumer protection and consent in such communications. By disallowing any loopholes for technologies claiming to mimic live agents, the FCC is setting a precedent to safeguard consumers from misleading or manipulative voice cloning tactics.


Through this decisive action, the FCC is demonstrating its authority to adapt and enforce regulations without external approvals, showcasing the agility of regulatory agencies in addressing emerging technological challenges. However, the future of such regulatory initiatives may be at risk pending a crucial Supreme Court decision, which could potentially undermine the FCC’s ability to combat issues like robocalls effectively.


As consumers, our role in combating AI-driven robocalls is vital. If you encounter such calls, make sure to document them and report them to your local Attorney General’s office, joining the collective effort to combat fraudulent practices in the realm of telecommunication. Stay vigilant, and let’s work together to keep our phones free from the clutches of fake calls and potential scams.”



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