This Ohio Candidate Welcomes AI In His Political Campaign—Will Voters?


Ohio Democratic congressional candidate Matthew Diemer has turned to artificial intelligence to engage with voters, deploying an AI version of himself through Civox, a London-based AI tool provider. This innovative approach allows Diemer to interact one-on-one with a larger number of constituents, facilitating basic conversations and answering questions. The AI technology is designed to mimic Diemer’s voice and is based on a questionnaire provided to him, ensuring authenticity in the messages sent to voters.


Despite concerns about deepfakes and misinformation, Diemer assures that Civox only contacts voters who have willingly opted in to receive updates from his campaign. By utilizing AI in a transparent and ethical manner, Diemer aims to enhance voter engagement and establish a more efficient communication channel with constituents. The Civox platform, co-founded by Ilya Mouzykantskii and Adam Reis, is at the forefront of a burgeoning industry focused on leveraging AI in political campaigns.


While regulators are taking steps to curb the use of AI-generated deepfakes in influencing elections, Diemer emphasizes the importance of not stifling access to AI technology for the general public. Mouzykantskii echoes this sentiment, highlighting Civox’s commitment to ethical practices and transparency, including disclosing the AI nature of calls to voters at the outset.


As the use of AI in politics continues to evolve, both Diemer and Mouzykantskii stress the need for responsible and accountable deployment of AI technologies. By setting a precedent of integrity and honesty in AI communications, Civox aims to shape best practices in the burgeoning realm of AI-driven political engagement.



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