Day: February 21, 2024

How Android Auto will use AI to summarize incoming text conversations

Google recently introduced new AI features for its Assistant, coinciding with the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S24. The smartphone comes with AI-enhanced capabilities like Magic Editor, Circle to Search, and live language translation.   One of Google’s new Assistant features is the ability to summarize lengthy messages and group chats when connected to Android […]

This Ohio Candidate Welcomes AI In His Political Campaign—Will Voters?

Ohio Democratic congressional candidate Matthew Diemer has turned to artificial intelligence to engage with voters, deploying an AI version of himself through Civox, a London-based AI tool provider. This innovative approach allows Diemer to interact one-on-one with a larger number of constituents, facilitating basic conversations and answering questions. The AI technology is designed to mimic […]

Google DeepMind jumps back into open source AI race with new model Gemma

Google DeepMind has introduced Gemma, a set of 2B and 7B open-source models created using the same technology as the recent Gemini models. The Gemma models are accompanied by pre-trained and instruction-tuned variants and will be available under a permissive commercial license along with a new Responsible Generative AI toolkit. Google is offering toolchains for […]

This startup is using AI to discover new materials

Orbital Materials, a startup founded by former DeepMind researcher Jonathan Godwin, is leveraging AI technology to revolutionize the manufacturing of new physical materials. Inspired by the success of AI systems like AlphaFold, Godwin set out to streamline the traditional, time-consuming process of material discovery by combining AI expertise with materials science.   The startup’s proprietary […]

Bioptimus raises $35 million seed round to develop AI foundational model focused on biology

Paris-based startup Bioptimus is breaking new ground by applying AI specifically to the realm of biology, an area where access to training data is limited due to the sensitive nature of clinical information. Differentiating itself from AI giants like OpenAI, Bioptimus focuses on leveraging the collective knowledge of AI models, emphasizing its commitment to advancing […]

AI influences decline in freelance writing and service jobs, study finds

A recent study analyzing the freelance work market revealed a significant decrease in writing, translation, and customer service jobs, with writing positions seeing a 33% drop. Conversely, the demand for video editing, graphic design, and web development surged, with video production roles experiencing a 39% increase. Graphic design jobs also saw an 8% rise, while […]

ChatGPT goes temporarily “insane” with unexpected outputs, spooking users

OpenAI’s ChatGPT AI assistant experienced a glitch that caused it to provide bizarre and nonsensical responses, prompting users to describe it as “having a stroke” and “going insane”. Users and shared their experiences on the r/ChatGPT subreddit, expressing confusion and concern over the AI’s erratic behavior.   While ChatGPT lacks consciousness, users resorted to human-like […]

Intel’s AI Reboot Is the Future of US Chipmaking

Intel, the largest chipmaker in the US, is making a strategic comeback by leveraging generative AI and US government concerns about China’s technological advancements. The company is expanding its foundry business to manufacture chip designs for other companies, aiming to compete with global leaders like Taiwan’s TSMC. Microsoft has already committed to using Intel’s foundry […]

Google Gemini’s ‘wokeness’ sparks debate over AI censorship

Google’s latest consumer-facing AI chatbot, Gemini, has stirred controversy within the tech community due to its inaccurate image generation. People have reported examples of historically inaccurate and pandering image outputs, prompting Google Senior Director Jack Krawczyk to acknowledge the issue and pledge to rectify it promptly. Gemini, unveiled late last year as a rival to […]

Tinder Owner Signs ChatGPT Deal. Enjoy the AI Dating Tidal Wave

Match Group, the owner of popular dating apps like Tinder and Hinge, has announced a significant partnership with OpenAI to integrate artificial intelligence into their operations. The collaboration involves leveraging AI to assist employees with various work-related tasks within the company. Match Group plans to incorporate AI into virtually every aspect of its apps, marking […]

Gab’s Racist AI Chatbots Have Been Instructed to Deny the Holocaust

Far-right social network Gab has recently launched nearly 100 generative AI chatbots, including AI versions of historical figures like Hitler and Trump. These chatbots, available on Gab’s new platform Gab AI, are designed to propagate various extremist beliefs, such as denying the Holocaust, spreading misinformation about vaccines and climate change, and promoting election conspiracy theories. […]

Google DeepMind forms a new org focused on AI safety

Google’s Gemini AI model, known for generating realistic content based on prompts, has faced criticism for being capable of producing deceptive information, including false political content and fabricated details. This has drawn ire from policymakers and raised concerns about the misuse of AI tools for disinformation purposes.   In response to this backlash, Google, despite […]



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