AI influences decline in freelance writing and service jobs, study finds

Key Points:

  • Writing, translation, and customer service jobs have decreased due to AI influence
  • Demand for video editing, graphic design, and web development has increased
  • Jobs related to developing chatbots have grown significantly


A recent study analyzing the freelance work market revealed a significant decrease in writing, translation, and customer service jobs, with writing positions seeing a 33% drop. Conversely, the demand for video editing, graphic design, and web development surged, with video production roles experiencing a 39% increase. Graphic design jobs also saw an 8% rise, while web design positions increased by 10%. Software development roles, including backend and web development, are on the rise as well.


The study focused on freelancing jobs as it is believed that job impacts are first visible in this sector due to slower AI adoption by larger companies. Upwork’s latest earnings report indicated minimal effects of tech layoffs on freelance platforms, with a 14% revenue growth year-over-year. Moreover, the research highlighted a 2000% increase in chatbot-related jobs since the introduction of ChatGPT and the OpenAI API.


Translation jobs experienced a significant decrease in hourly pay by 20%, followed by video editing and market research roles. In contrast, graphic design and web design positions remained resilient, with some even seeing a slight pay increase. The study emphasized that graphic and web design jobs continue to be in demand and not yet replaced by AI tools, with programs like DALL-E and MidJourney requiring knowledge and creativity.


Recent research suggested that around 9% of the current US workforce could be displaced by AI, potentially leading to job loss for 11% of workers struggling to secure new employment due to technological advancements. In a separate finding, top tech companies could offer highly sought-after AI researchers salaries of up to $750,000 annually immediately after completing their studies.


In conclusion, while certain freelance job sectors have experienced declines due to AI influence, others have witnessed significant growth, indicating evolving job market trends as technology advances.



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