Tinder Owner Signs ChatGPT Deal. Enjoy the AI Dating Tidal Wave

Key Points:

  • Match Group partners with OpenAI for AI integration in dating apps
  • 1000 ChatGPT Enterprise licenses purchased for various work tasks
  • Plans to use AI for communication, coding, design, and other tasks to revolutionize work culture


Match Group, the owner of popular dating apps like Tinder and Hinge, has announced a significant partnership with OpenAI to integrate artificial intelligence into their operations. The collaboration involves leveraging AI to assist employees with various work-related tasks within the company. Match Group plans to incorporate AI into virtually every aspect of its apps, marking a significant advancement in their technological capabilities.

The partnership was formally announced through a press release written by ChatGPT and edited by Match Group’s Corporate Communications team. ChatGPT, the AI, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration, stating, “Together, we’re not just breaking the ice; we’re melting it, and reshaping the way work gets done.” Match Group has acquired 1000 ChatGPT Enterprise licenses for undisclosed terms, intending to utilize the AI for communication, coding, design, analysis, and streamlining repetitive tasks.

Match Group’s Chief Technology Officer, Will Wu, likened the integration of AI into their operations to adding a touch of magic to daily tasks and anticipates a transformative impact on the company’s work culture. CEO Bernard Kim emphasized the pivotal role of AI in the future of Match Group, envisioning its influence across all aspects of user interaction, from profile creation to matchmaking.

While the implications for the company’s vast user base remain somewhat ambiguous, Match Group is steadfast in its belief that integrating AI into users’ experiences will enhance both the business and the overall dating landscape. The company maintains a lenient stance on users employing AI in their dating profiles, with reports of individuals engaging with thousands of matches using AI tools. Match Group’s adherence to promoting authenticity aligns with its AI principles, aiming to enhance the dating experience through innovative technologies.

Looking ahead, Match Group aims to explore developing proprietary AI tools that could assist users with tasks such as crafting conversation starters and suggesting date ideas. As the company delves further into AI integration, users may encounter instances where interactions with potential matches blur the lines between human and AI interaction, prompting a reevaluation of the digital dating landscape.



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