How Android Auto will use AI to summarize incoming text conversations


Google recently introduced new AI features for its Assistant, coinciding with the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S24. The smartphone comes with AI-enhanced capabilities like Magic Editor, Circle to Search, and live language translation.


One of Google’s new Assistant features is the ability to summarize lengthy messages and group chats when connected to Android Auto. While this function is not yet available, a support document on Google’s Community help page offers insights into its workings. The tech giant assures users that messages and summaries will not be logged for training language models. However, given the AI-generated nature of the summaries, occasional errors may occur.


To use this feature, users will need to opt in through Android Auto settings or the notifications menu. The first time a message exceeding 40 words is received on Android Auto, users will be prompted to enable the feature. Messages from a single sender or group will be summarized when prompted, while others will be read out without AI summarization.


For example, if a contact asks about dinner plans in a lengthy message, Android Auto will provide a summary like, “Brianna asked if you wanted to have Thai for dinner and if you were still able to make it,” along with quick response options.


While Google hasn’t specified a rollout date for this feature, its presence in a support document suggests it may be implemented soon. This advancement underscores the growing integration of AI capabilities into everyday mobile interactions, enhancing user convenience and efficiency.



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