Nvidia could be primed to be the next AWS

Nvidia and Amazon Web Services (AWS) share a common thread of serendipity in their business evolution, both discovering lucrative opportunities beyond their initial intents. AWS leveraged its internal services for external profit, while Nvidia found unexpected success with GPUs in AI processing. This has propelled Nvidia’s revenue growth significantly in recent quarters, hitting $22.1 billion […]

Nvidia CEO: Soon There’ll Be Games Where AI Generates “Every Pixel”

The integration of artificial intelligence (AI) in the realm of video game development has garnered a mix of anticipation and apprehension. Game studios are leveraging AI to streamline production processes and enhance efficiency, as noted in a recent report from Unity, a prominent game engine developer. The potential for AI to revolutionize the creation of […]

Nvidia in talks to acquire AI infrastructure platform Run:ai in massive deal

Nvidia is in advanced talks to acquire Run:ai, an AI infrastructure orchestration and management platform, in a deal valued at potentially hundreds of millions to $1 billion. Run:ai recently secured $75 million in funding in March 2022, bringing its total funding to $118 million. Founded in 2018 by Omri Geller and Dr. Ronen Dar, Run:ai […]

Nvidia announces Earth-2 digital twin to forecast planet’s climate change

Nvidia has launched the Earth-2 cloud platform, a pioneering climate digital twin solution aimed at combating the economic losses resulting from extreme weather patterns caused by climate change. The Earth-2 platform, showcased at the Nvidia GTC event in San Jose, features innovative APIs designed to simulate and visualize weather and climate on a global scale, […]

NVIDIA’s GPUs powered the AI revolution. Its new Blackwell chips are up to 30 times faster

NVIDIA’s rapid ascent as a key player in the AI chip market has been solidified with the launch of its Blackwell platform, unveiled at the GTC event in San Jose. The new chips, named in tribute to mathematician David Harold Blackwell, promise a major performance boost over the highly utilized H100 chips. With Blackwell boasting […]

Nvidia enlists humanoid robotics’ biggest names for new AI platform, GR00T

Nvidia, known for its pivotal role in AI hardware, is venturing into the realm of humanoid robots with Project GR00T, a platform aimed at supporting the development of humanoid robots by various companies, such as Agility Robotics and Sanctuary AI. Project GR00T is bolstered by new hardware like Jetson Thor, enabling simulations and generative AI […]

Nvidia’s Jensen Huang says AI hallucinations are solvable, artificial general intelligence is 5 years away

Artificial General Intelligence, or AGI, stands as a pivotal advancement within the realm of artificial intelligence, offering capabilities beyond specialized tasks performed by narrow AI. AGI, often dubbed “strong AI” or “human-level AI,” signifies a future where machines excel at a wide range of cognitive functions comparable to or exceeding human levels. While addressing the […]

Korean researchers power-shame Nvidia with new neural AI chip — claim 625 times less power draw, 41 times smaller

Scientists from the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology (KAIST) unveiled the groundbreaking ‘Complementary-Transformer’ AI chip at the 2024 International Solid-State Circuits Conference (ISSCC). This innovative C-Transformer chip is positioned as the world’s first ultra-low power AI accelerator chip developed for large language model (LLM) processing.   KAIST researchers boldly assert that the C-Transformer […]

As Nvidia hits $2 trillion, billionaire Marc Rowan’s asset manager Apollo calls AI a ‘bubble’ worse than even the dotcom era

Nvidia, the technology giant, reached a milestone by surpassing a $2 trillion market cap, propelling artificial intelligence (AI) stocks into the spotlight. However, Apollo Global Management, led by Marc Rowan, expressed concern over the current market valuations, highlighting similarities to the tech bubble of the 1990s.   The chief economist at Rowan’s firm warned that […]

NVIDIA Earnings Blow Past Estimates, Mark ‘Tipping Point’ for AI

Nvidia’s stock surged by 8% to $728.35 in after-hours trading following the impressive fourth-quarter earnings report, which showcased a significant revenue increase of 22% from the previous quarter and a remarkable 265% growth from the prior year. The company’s success was highlighted by accelerated computing and generative AI, with Nvidia founder and CEO Jensen Huang […]

Craigslist for GPUs’ launches amid crushing Nvidia AI GPU shortages — gpulist.ai allows you to rent AI GPU clusters by the hour

A new online marketplace, gpulist.ai, has emerged as a platform where individuals can rent GPU clusters by the card and by the hour. Described as the “Craigslist for GPU clusters,” the service allows users to access the power of multiple AI GPUs without the need to build a data center from scratch. Launched recently, the […]

Nvidia provides the first public view of its fastest AI supercomputer — Eos is powered by 4,608 H100 GPUs, tuned for generative AI

Nvidia has unveiled Eos, its cutting-edge enterprise-focused supercomputer tailored for advanced AI development on a massive scale within data centers. Eos, currently utilized by Nvidia itself, ranks as the 9th most powerful supercomputer globally in FP64 performance, potentially outstripping all others in AI tasks. Comprising 576 DGX H100 systems, each equipped with eight Nvidia H100 […]

Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang says $7 trillion isn’t needed for AI — cites 1 million-fold improvement in AI performance in the last ten years

Nvidia’s CEO, Jensen Huang, challenges the notion of needing trillions of dollars to build a separate semiconductor industry solely for AI chips. He believes that ongoing GPU architecture innovations, like those from Nvidia, can significantly enhance AI performance without the need for such massive investments. Huang emphasizes that the industry has already increased AI performance […]

Nvidia unveils AI chatbot ‘Chat with RTX’ for local PCs

Nvidia just dropped an early version of its Chat with RTX demo, allowing users to craft their own chatbot experience on Windows PCs providing them the power to infuse personalized content into the AI mix. Nvidia shines through as they deploy retrieval-augmented generation (RAG), TensorRT-LLM software, and RTX acceleration to bring the world of generative […]

NVIDIA CEO: Every Country Needs Sovereign AI

In a fiery discussion at the World Governments Summit in Dubai, NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang advocated for the sovereignty of AI, emphasizing the importance of countries owning their intelligence production. Engaging in a dynamic fireside chat with the UAE’s Minister of AI, Huang underlined the cultural, societal, and historical significance of data ownership, promoting a […]

Nvidia to design tailor-made AI chips for cloud computing firms

Sources whisper that Nvidia is sprouting a bespoke chip-making division aimed to cater to cloud computing mavericks and beyond, in a bid to ward off approaching challengers. Currently commanding an 80% market share of the high-end AI chip market, Nvidia’s coffers have swelled by a staggering 40% this year to $1.73 trillion, following a meteoric […]

Nvidia’s Big Tech Rivals Put Their Own A.I. Chips on the Table

Amazon’s $4 billion investment in Anthropic, a San Francisco-based start-up focusing on artificial intelligence, was driven by its interest in building specialized computer chips to compete with Nvidia, a dominant force in the A.I. chip market.   The expansion of generative A.I. has revealed the heavy reliance of big tech companies such as Amazon, Google, […]

Nvidia’s Big Tech Rivals Put Their Own A.I. Chips on the Table

Amazon’s $4 billion investment in Anthropic, a San Francisco-based start-up focusing on artificial intelligence, was driven by its interest in building specialized computer chips to compete with Nvidia, a dominant force in the A.I. chip market.   The expansion of generative A.I. has revealed the heavy reliance of big tech companies such as Amazon, Google, […]

Despite sanctions, Chinese military, universities, and government bodies procure Nvidia GPUs.

According to the Reuters report, Chinese military institutions, state-run AI research centers, and universities have been acquiring Nvidia’s AI and HPC GPUs, including the A100 and H100, despite U.S. export curbs.   The U.S. imposed bans on the exports of Nvidia’s A100 and H100 chips to China and Hong Kong, which led Nvidia to design […]



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