Day: February 12, 2024

AI lobbying spikes 185% as calls for regulation surge

AI lobbying efforts hit a record high in 2023, soaring by 185% from the previous year with over 450 organizations jumping into the mix. From tech giants like ByteDance and Nvidia to unexpected players like Chip companies and venture firms, a diverse range of industries dived into the AI regulation debate. This surge mirrors the […]

Scientists use AI to investigate structure and long-term behavior of galaxies

Using Einstein’s theory of relativity as their compass, Dr. Sebastian Wolfschmidt and Christopher Straub of the University of Bayreuth are turning traditional astrophysical investigations on their heads. While telescopes give us a glimpse of the twinkling cosmos, the real nitty-gritty of galaxies lies in complex mathematical models. From star clusters to the very fabric of […]

How Walmart, Delta, Chevron and Starbucks are using AI to monitor employee messages

Organizations are turning to artificial intelligence to monitor employee communications on platforms like Slack, Microsoft Teams, and Zoom. Companies such as Walmart, Delta Air Lines, and Starbucks have enlisted Aware, a seven-year-old startup, to track employee sentiment in real time. Aware’s AI models can analyze messages for behavior like bullying, harassment, and noncompliance without flagging […]

OpenAI CEO Sam Altman seeks as much as $7 trillion for new AI chip project

The ambitious CEO of OpenAI, Sam Altman, is on a mission to shake up the global semiconductor industry by seeking trillions of dollars in investments for a groundbreaking AI chip project. His grand plan aims to address the current supply-and-demand imbalance in AI chip manufacturing, a bottleneck that has hindered OpenAI’s growth. Altman’s vision involves […]

Bill Gates- and Jeff Bezos-backed startup discovers large-scale copper deposit in Zambia

The world of metal mining is abuzz with excitement as KoBold Metals, a California-based exploration company backed by heavy hitters including billionaires Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos, unveils a monumental copper discovery in Zambia. This find comes at a critical juncture as global demand for copper skyrockets due to its integral role in renewable energy […]

Travel startup Layla acquires AI itinerary building bot Roam Around

Travel startup Layla, supported by notable investors like firstminute capital and M13, has recently acquired AI-powered itinerary bot Roam Around, initiated by ex-Google employee Shie Gabbai. Layla, which debuted its AI-driven trip planning bot publicly last year, sets itself apart by leveraging insight from prominent collaborators such as and Skyscanner, along with an archive […]

US Patent Office: AI is all well and good, but only humans can patent things

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has spoken: AI systems, as advanced and intelligent as they may be, will not be receiving any official intellectual property protections. In a rather ‘patent-ly’ clear stance, the USPTO declared that only ‘natural humans’ can file patents.   The question of AI in the legal space is interesting. Although […]

NVIDIA CEO: Every Country Needs Sovereign AI

In a fiery discussion at the World Governments Summit in Dubai, NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang advocated for the sovereignty of AI, emphasizing the importance of countries owning their intelligence production. Engaging in a dynamic fireside chat with the UAE’s Minister of AI, Huang underlined the cultural, societal, and historical significance of data ownership, promoting a […]

After Breakups, the Brokenhearted Are Creating AI Clones of Their Exes

In a world where the line between man and machine blurs, heartbreak finds a new friend in artificial intelligence. The alluring promise of virtual companionship beckons the lovelorn to plug their ex’s emails and texts into AI models, fostering relationships with digital simulacrums. From the eerie ‘Talk to Your Ex’ app to Redditors crafting AI […]

Google launches €25M AI drive to ‘empower’ Europe’s workforce

Google’s recent €25mn training program aims to equip Europe’s workforce with AI skills to navigate the future job market. Targeting vulnerable communities, the initiative offers tailored AI training and support to address widening inequalities. Partnering with social enterprises and nonprofits, Google seeks to ensure inclusivity in AI adoption.   With a focus on granting foundational […]

Windows 11 AI super resolution scaling for all apps previewed in the latest insider build

Microsoft is on the cusp of introducing new graphics upscaling capabilities – introducing its elusive Windows 11 24H2 Insider Build. This OS-level upscaler promises a future where all Windows apps take advantage of enhanced resolution, avoiding proprietary software from tech giants like Nvidia, Intel, and AMD. Auto SR will transform cameras and windowed games into […]



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