After Breakups, the Brokenhearted Are Creating AI Clones of Their Exes

Key Points:

  • AI platforms like ChatGPT offer solutions to various problems, including heartbreak
  • Individuals are using AI to create virtual versions of their exes for companionship
  • Psychologists warn that using AI as a replacement for an ex may hinder the healing process


In a world where the line between man and machine blurs, heartbreak finds a new friend in artificial intelligence. The alluring promise of virtual companionship beckons the lovelorn to plug their ex’s emails and texts into AI models, fostering relationships with digital simulacrums. From the eerie ‘Talk to Your Ex’ app to Redditors crafting AI ex-bots, the trend of digital romantic resurrection blossoms amid the virtual ether. But as psychologists warn of substituting closure with code, the emotional treachery of AI relationships unveils.


While some seek solace in conversing with AI replicas of their exes for clarity or closure, others wield the technology to exorcise demons from past relationships. One individual, Jake, divided his ex’s persona into kind and abusive AI counterparts using ChatGPT, drawing revelations and closure from dialogues with synthesized echoes of his past. As the bounds of AI ethics are tested, OpenAI’s guidelines strain under the weight of AI-based romantic companionship yet fail to curb the proliferation of unconventional uses.


Despite the allure of virtual repartee with AI doppelgängers, experts caution against mistaking technological respite for emotional healing. The timeless ache of heartbreak evades digital antidotes, urging the broken-hearted to confront their pain instead of seeking solace in algorithmic mirages. As the digital realm teems with AI confidants and therapists, the primal art of healing a shattered heart transcends the cold embrace of artificial intelligence, nudging souls toward the warmth of human connection.



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