Google launches €25M AI drive to ‘empower’ Europe’s workforce

Key Points:

  • Google launches a €25mn training and skills programme to help Europe’s workforce seize the opportunity of AI
  • Initiative targets vulnerable and underserved communities at risk of being left behind in AI workplace trends
  • Selected organizations receive bespoke and facilitated training on foundational AI along with cash grants for support


Google’s recent €25mn training program aims to equip Europe’s workforce with AI skills to navigate the future job market. Targeting vulnerable communities, the initiative offers tailored AI training and support to address widening inequalities. Partnering with social enterprises and nonprofits, Google seeks to ensure inclusivity in AI adoption.


With a focus on granting foundational AI knowledge, the program extends beyond training to provide essential resources like childcare and compensation. Adrian Brown from the Centre for Public Impact highlights the importance of empowering individuals with AI skills to prevent marginalization in the digital era.


In parallel, Google plans to nurture AI startups through growth academies focusing on health, education, and cybersecurity solutions. Startups can now apply for funding without relinquishing ownership—a reassuring move amidst the competitive tech landscape.


Expanding its AI courses to 18 languages, Google prioritizes accessibility and democratization of AI education. This effort aligns with the tech giant’s past initiatives like ‘Grow with Google,’ which has upskilled millions in digital proficiency.


Additionally, Google’s strategic investment in a London data center underscores its commitment to meeting escalating internet demands in the region. Through such endeavors, Google solidifies its position as a proactive tech leader shaping Europe’s digital landscape.



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