Bill Gates- and Jeff Bezos-backed startup discovers large-scale copper deposit in Zambia

Key Points:

  • KoBold Metals discovers vast copper deposit in Zambia
  • Potential significance of copper deposit for global energy transition
  • KoBold Metals aims to start producing copper in Zambia within 10 years


The world of metal mining is abuzz with excitement as KoBold Metals, a California-based exploration company backed by heavy hitters including billionaires Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos, unveils a monumental copper discovery in Zambia. This find comes at a critical juncture as global demand for copper skyrockets due to its integral role in renewable energy and electric vehicles. KoBold Metals anticipates that its Mingomba copper project will rival the colossal Kakula mine across the border in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The Silicon Valley startup’s innovative use of artificial intelligence to map the Earth’s crust for valuable minerals has attracted top-notch investors such as Andreessen Horowitz and Equinor, underscoring the industry’s shift towards cutting-edge technology.


The potential implications of this discovery are not lost on Zambia, the second-largest copper producer in Africa. With plans to commence production within a decade, KoBold Metals’ venture has the potential to significantly impact the nation’s economy, a sentiment echoed by Jito Kayumba, a key figure in Zambia’s economic development. As the world grapples with a rising demand for critical minerals essential for clean energy transitions, the race to diversify and secure the global supply chain intensifies. The International Energy Agency’s cautionary note on the scarcity of essential minerals spotlights the urgency for countries to reduce dependency on a few dominant producers.


While the likes of China currently dominate the rare earth reserves market, KoBold Metals’ breakthrough in Zambia signals a potential shift in the traditional mining landscape. As industry giants and prominent figures rally behind sustainable mining practices and resource diversification, the stage is set for a new era of mineral exploration and extraction. This momentous discovery not only propels KoBold Metals to the forefront of the metal mining industry but also underscores the transformative power of innovative technologies in reshaping the future of resource extraction. The era of smarter, more sustainable mining is dawning, and KoBold Metals is leading the charge across the copper-rich landscapes of Zambia, igniting hope for a greener, more resilient global energy ecosystem.




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