Day: March 20, 2024

Nvidia in talks to acquire AI infrastructure platform Run:ai in massive deal

Nvidia is in advanced talks to acquire Run:ai, an AI infrastructure orchestration and management platform, in a deal valued at potentially hundreds of millions to $1 billion. Run:ai recently secured $75 million in funding in March 2022, bringing its total funding to $118 million. Founded in 2018 by Omri Geller and Dr. Ronen Dar, Run:ai […]

Sam Altman Also Thinks ChatGPT ‘Kinda Sucks,’ and He Should Know

In a recent interview, OpenAI CEO Sam Altman expressed disappointment in the performance of the company’s latest AI model, GPT-4, stating that it “kinda sucks.” Despite this criticism, Altman remains optimistic about the future and is eagerly anticipating the release of GPT-5, hoping it will live up to the hype. Altman emphasized the need to […]

An AI-Designed Drug Is Moving Toward Approval at an Impressive Clip

Insilico Medicine, a biotechnology company based in New York and Hong Kong, has developed an AI-designed drug, ISM018_055, targeting idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis, a fatal lung disease. The drug has entered Phase II clinical trials, marking a milestone in drug discovery. Insilico utilized AI throughout the drug’s development process with their Pharma.AI platform, significantly accelerating the […]

Bill Gates Says AI Will Bring ‘Free Work’—But We’ll Need to Be Careful

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates shared insights on the future of artificial intelligence (AI) during an interview on the “Armchair Expert” podcast. Gates highlighted that the current advancements in AI represent only the tip of the iceberg, with significant developments expected in critical sectors like agriculture, health advice, and drug discovery in the next two to […]

Nvidia announces Earth-2 digital twin to forecast planet’s climate change

Nvidia has launched the Earth-2 cloud platform, a pioneering climate digital twin solution aimed at combating the economic losses resulting from extreme weather patterns caused by climate change. The Earth-2 platform, showcased at the Nvidia GTC event in San Jose, features innovative APIs designed to simulate and visualize weather and climate on a global scale, […]

NVIDIA’s GPUs powered the AI revolution. Its new Blackwell chips are up to 30 times faster

NVIDIA’s rapid ascent as a key player in the AI chip market has been solidified with the launch of its Blackwell platform, unveiled at the GTC event in San Jose. The new chips, named in tribute to mathematician David Harold Blackwell, promise a major performance boost over the highly utilized H100 chips. With Blackwell boasting […]

Nvidia enlists humanoid robotics’ biggest names for new AI platform, GR00T

Nvidia, known for its pivotal role in AI hardware, is venturing into the realm of humanoid robots with Project GR00T, a platform aimed at supporting the development of humanoid robots by various companies, such as Agility Robotics and Sanctuary AI. Project GR00T is bolstered by new hardware like Jetson Thor, enabling simulations and generative AI […]

Stability AI brings a new dimension to video with Stable Video 3D

Stability AI has launched a new generative AI model called Stable Video 3D (SV3D), expanding its portfolio of video tools for rendering 3D videos. SV3D builds on the company’s existing video capabilities by enabling users to generate multi-view 3D meshes from a single input image. This new model is available for commercial use through a […]

Nvidia partners with Shutterstock, Getty Images on AI-generated 3D content

Nvidia is making a splash in the world of 3D content generation with its latest offering, the Nvidia Edify multimodal generative AI model. This innovative tool, introduced at GTC 2024, allows developers and visual content providers to create 3D content more efficiently and effectively. Partnering with established names like Shutterstock and Getty Images, Nvidia is […]

Saudi Arabia Plans $40 Billion Push Into Artificial Intelligence

Saudi Arabia is planning to establish a $40 billion fund to invest in artificial intelligence, making it the world’s largest AI investor. The fund, spearheaded by the Public Investment Fund, aims to partner with Silicon Valley’s Andreessen Horowitz and other financiers. This initiative reflects Saudi Arabia’s strategy to diversify its economy, demonstrating global business ambitions […]

Databricks acquires Lilac to supercharge data quality efforts for gen AI apps

Databricks has announced the acquisition of Lilac, a Boston-based startup focused on tools for data understanding and manipulation. The terms of the deal were not disclosed. By bringing Lilac’s team and technology into its data intelligence platform, Databricks aims to enhance users’ ability to improve data quality for developing large language model (LLM) applications.   […]

Microsoft announces new AI division led by controversial DeepMind, Inflection co-founder Mustafa Suleyman

Mustafa Suleyman, one of the original co-founders of DeepMind, alongside his Inflection co-founder Karén Simonyan, and other team members from Inflection, have joined Microsoft to establish a new division called Microsoft AI. Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella announced this move, with Suleyman appointed as EVP and CEO of Microsoft AI, and Simonyan as Chief Scientist. Suleyman […]

Mercedes-Benz will use a humanoid robot called Apollo to build your next car

Mercedes-Benz has recently entered a commercial agreement with Apptronik, a Texas-based company, to incorporate humanoid robots into its manufacturing processes. The pilot program aims to explore the use of these robots, named Apollo, in logistics to deliver parts to the production line for assembly, while also inspecting components—a move that could potentially revolutionize automotive production. […]

Google’s Woke AI Wasn’t a Mistake. We Know. We Were There.

Google’s latest AI tool, Gemini, has stirred controversy by producing historically inaccurate and ideologically skewed results. Searches for terms like “Nazis” yield images of black Nazis, while “popes” show women popes and “knights” feature Asian females. The response to questions comparing figures like Hitler and Elon Musk or Obama and Hitler is evasive or critical. […]

Workplace AI negatively impacts quality of life, study finds

A recent study by the U.K.-based Institute for the Future of Work has revealed a concerning trend regarding the impact of artificial intelligence on workplace wellbeing. The study surveyed almost 5,000 individuals and found a negative correlation between quality of life and interaction with newer workplace technologies such as wearables, robotics, AI, and machine learning […]

Nvidia’s Jensen Huang says AI hallucinations are solvable, artificial general intelligence is 5 years away

Artificial General Intelligence, or AGI, stands as a pivotal advancement within the realm of artificial intelligence, offering capabilities beyond specialized tasks performed by narrow AI. AGI, often dubbed “strong AI” or “human-level AI,” signifies a future where machines excel at a wide range of cognitive functions comparable to or exceeding human levels. While addressing the […]

Chinese platforms are cracking down on influencers selling AI lessons

Chinese social media platforms WeChat and Douyin have taken action against influencers who capitalized on people’s anxiety about artificial intelligence (AI) by selling subpar courses. The backlash began when students criticized the lack of substance in the courses, exposing the misleading educational promises made by these influencers.   One prominent figure, Li Yizhou, a former […]

Google used AI to accurately predict floods up to 7 days in advance

Google has announced a groundbreaking use of artificial intelligence to predict riverine floods up to seven days in advance in some cases. Published in the prestigious science journal Nature, the findings mark a significant development in flood forecasting. By leveraging machine learning models trained on various data points such as historical events, river levels, and […]

As AI tools get smarter, they’re growing more covertly racist, experts find

A recent report published on arXiv highlighted that popular artificial intelligence tools are incorporating covert racist biases as they evolve. The study by a team of technology and linguistics researchers focused on large language models like OpenAI’s ChatGPT and Google’s Gemini, which showed discriminatory stereotypes towards speakers of African American Vernacular English (AAVE).   The […]



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