Nvidia partners with Shutterstock, Getty Images on AI-generated 3D content

Key Points:

  • 3D can be a powerful tool for brands and creatives
  • Generative AI is rising to the challenge in creating 3D content
  • Getty and Shutterstock are enhancing their services with gen AI capabilities


Nvidia is making a splash in the world of 3D content generation with its latest offering, the Nvidia Edify multimodal generative AI model. This innovative tool, introduced at GTC 2024, allows developers and visual content providers to create 3D content more efficiently and effectively. Partnering with established names like Shutterstock and Getty Images, Nvidia is leveraging the power of generative AI to revolutionize the design process.


Shutterstock’s API, built on Edify, enables the generation of 3D objects for virtual scenes from text prompts and images. On the other hand, Getty Images is incorporating custom fine-tuning capabilities into its gen AI service, allowing enterprise clients to produce visuals that align with their brand aesthetics. These advancements are set to provide users with more control over AI image outputs, addressing a key challenge in the field of generative AI.


Getty Images is also rolling out new services that will enable companies to fine-tune Edify specifically to match their brand and style preferences. This approach emphasizes a user-friendly, no-code method that empowers brands to upload their datasets, adjust parameters, and review results before implementation. Additional features such as Sketch, Depth, and Segmentation will further enhance creative control over AI image generation.


Shutterstock, in collaboration with HP, is showcasing its 3D custom printing capabilities, allowing designers to create digital content that can be converted into 3D printable models. This partnership aims to inspire product designs by bridging the gap between digital and physical prototyping. Noteworthy companies like Dassault Systèmes and Katana are already leveraging Shutterstock’s 3D tools to develop generative 360 HDRi APIs based on Nvidia Omniverse.


Moreover, Accenture Song is utilizing Omniverse and Edify microservices to create immersive 3D environments for developing Defender vehicles. Through conversational prompts, these tools enable the seamless integration of realistic generated environments with digital twins of the Defender vehicle. This cutting-edge technology signifies a significant step forward in the realm of 3D content creation and immersive experiences.



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