Day: February 15, 2024

No ‘GPT’ trademark for OpenAI

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has rejected OpenAI’s bid to trademark “GPT,” stating that the term is deemed “merely descriptive.” This decision serves as a setback to OpenAI’s branding efforts. Despite this ruling, it is unlikely that competitors will rush to release their own versions of the popular chatbot.   ChatGPT has become a […]

Craigslist for GPUs’ launches amid crushing Nvidia AI GPU shortages — allows you to rent AI GPU clusters by the hour

A new online marketplace,, has emerged as a platform where individuals can rent GPU clusters by the card and by the hour. Described as the “Craigslist for GPU clusters,” the service allows users to access the power of multiple AI GPUs without the need to build a data center from scratch. Launched recently, the […]

AI chip tags can fight espionage from hostile states, report says

A recent report by experts highlights the potential risks of AI espionage by hostile nations and advocates for greater regulation of hardware to mitigate these dangers. The study, co-led by three Cambridge University institutes, OpenAI, and the GovAI research community, emphasizes the importance of tags on chips and a global registry to track their locations. […]

OpenAI Hiring Detective to Find Who’s Leaking Its Precious Info

OpenAI is seeking to enhance its internal security measures by hiring an “insider risk investigator.” This role, detailed in a job listing, aims to safeguard the company’s assets by analyzing unusual activities, fostering a secure environment, and collaborating with various departments to mitigate risks. The job posting, active since mid-January, emphasizes the vital role this […]

AI Compute Startup Lambda Hits $1.5B Valuation After Massive $320M Raise

Lambda, a cloud computing service provider specializing in training artificial intelligence software, has achieved unicorn status following a successful $320 million Series C funding round. This financing round, conducted at a valuation of $1.5 billion, was spearheaded by Thomas Tull’s US Innovative Technology Fund and saw the participation of prominent investors such as B Capital […]

Apple researchers unveil ‘Keyframer’: An AI tool that animates still images using LLMs

Apple researchers have introduced a groundbreaking AI tool called Keyframer, leveraging large language models to animate static images through natural language prompts. This innovation, outlined in a research paper on, marks a significant advancement in incorporating AI into the creative process, potentially influencing upcoming Apple products like the iPad Pro and Vision Pro.   […]

OpenAI introduces Sora, its text-to-video AI model

OpenAI introduces its latest innovation, Sora, a cutting-edge video-generation model designed to bring text instructions to life in realistic and imaginative ways. Capable of producing photorealistic videos up to a minute long, Sora excels in creating intricate scenes featuring multiple characters, specific motions, and detailed backgrounds. Notably, the model has the ability to understand physical […]

Dutch startup secures $25M to bring autonomous bricklaying robots to Europe

Dutch startup Monumental is revolutionizing the construction industry in Europe with AI-powered bricklaying robots that work alongside humans. These fully-electric machines equipped with sensors and computer vision can place bricks and mortar with precision, offering a solution to the chronic labor shortage in the construction sector. This innovative approach aims to address the scarcity of […]

LangChain lands $25M round, launches platform to support entire LLM application lifecycle

LangChain, the startup focused on advancing large language model (LLM) apps through its open-source framework, has successfully secured $25 million in a Series A funding round led by Sequoia Capital. Alongside this achievement, the company has unveiled LangSmith, its maiden paid LLMOps product, now available to the public.   LangSmith serves as an all-encompassing platform […]

Nvidia provides the first public view of its fastest AI supercomputer — Eos is powered by 4,608 H100 GPUs, tuned for generative AI

Nvidia has unveiled Eos, its cutting-edge enterprise-focused supercomputer tailored for advanced AI development on a massive scale within data centers. Eos, currently utilized by Nvidia itself, ranks as the 9th most powerful supercomputer globally in FP64 performance, potentially outstripping all others in AI tasks. Comprising 576 DGX H100 systems, each equipped with eight Nvidia H100 […]

Largest text-to-speech AI model yet shows ’emergent abilities’

Amazon researchers have developed the largest text-to-speech model to date, claiming it exhibits improved natural speech abilities for complex sentences, potentially helping this technology move past the uncanny valley. The model, known as BASE TTS, uses 100,000 hours of public domain speech data in multiple languages, boasting 980 million parameters for the largest version.   […]

Chinese Women Say AI Boyfriends Are “Better Than a Real Man”

In China, a trend is emerging where young women are turning to AI chatbots for romance and companionship, sometimes finding them to be better conversationalists than human partners. These AI boyfriends, customized through various chatbot apps like “Glow” by the Shanghai startup MiniMax, are providing emotional support and understanding to users like Tufei from Xi’an. […]

A new satellite will use Google’s AI to map methane leaks from space

A collaboration between MethaneSAT and Google is set to revolutionize methane leak detection in the oil and gas industry. MethaneSAT’s sophisticated software and spectrometers will be deployed in orbit to identify methane plumes and map out the industry’s infrastructure globally. By leveraging Google’s image detection algorithms, the project aims to provide invaluable insights into the […]

How robotics and AI helped Hippo Harvest land $21M to grow lettuce

Indoor farming startups, once shining stars with futuristic technology attracting billions in investments, are now facing bankruptcy and layoffs. Despite the sector’s recent struggles, there’s a glimmer of hope with Hippo Harvest raising $21 million in a Series B funding round. The startup, valued at $145 million post-investment, is distinguishing itself by repurposing warehouse robots […]

Sam Altman Worries AI Could Go “Horribly Wrong”

OpenAI CEO Sam Altman has expressed concerns about potential consequences arising from the development of artificial intelligence (AI) during the World Governments Summit in Dubai. He warned that even without malicious intent, society could face subtle and mundane misalignments as AI systems become more prevalent.   Adding his voice to the growing call for AI […]

Russian and North Korean hackers used OpenAI tools to hone cyberattacks

Microsoft and OpenAI have revealed that state-backed hacking groups associated with China, Russia, North Korea, and Iran are utilizing OpenAI’s generative AI (GAI) tools to enhance cyberattacks. These groups are employing the GAI technology for code debugging, researching targets, creating social engineering methods, crafting phishing emails, and text translation.   OpenAI, whose technology powers Microsoft’s […]

Little-known startup WindBorne takes the AI weather prediction crown

WindBorne, a cutting-edge tech company, is revolutionizing weather forecasting using a novel approach that leverages AI and deep learning technologies. Their WeatherMesh system utilizes a fleet of cost-effective weather balloons equipped with AI algorithms, allowing for precise control over their paths as they orbit the Earth for extended periods. With plans to expand their constellation […]

Rasa lands $30M to supercharge customer service with generative AI assistants

Rasa, a San Francisco-based startup focusing on enhancing enterprise customer service with generative AI, recently secured $30 million in a series C funding round co-led by StepStone Group and PayPal Ventures. This investment, supported by Andreessen Horowitz, Accel, and Basis Set Ventures, comes as Rasa looks to enhance its product and expand its market presence. […]

Slack adds AI-fueled search and summarization to the platform

Slack, the popular enterprise communications platform, has introduced new features aimed at improving access to institutional knowledge stored within the platform. The new AI-fueled search tool and the ability to summarize information within channels are designed to address the challenge of extracting valuable insights from the vast amount of data stored in Slack.   Noah […]

Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang says $7 trillion isn’t needed for AI — cites 1 million-fold improvement in AI performance in the last ten years

Nvidia’s CEO, Jensen Huang, challenges the notion of needing trillions of dollars to build a separate semiconductor industry solely for AI chips. He believes that ongoing GPU architecture innovations, like those from Nvidia, can significantly enhance AI performance without the need for such massive investments. Huang emphasizes that the industry has already increased AI performance […]



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