Dutch startup secures $25M to bring autonomous bricklaying robots to Europe

Key Points:

  • Shortage of workforce in European construction sector
  • Monumental’s AI-powered bricklaying robots as a solution
  • Monumental secures funding to scale deployment and train robots


Dutch startup Monumental is revolutionizing the construction industry in Europe with AI-powered bricklaying robots that work alongside humans. These fully-electric machines equipped with sensors and computer vision can place bricks and mortar with precision, offering a solution to the chronic labor shortage in the construction sector. This innovative approach aims to address the scarcity of young workers and meet ambitious housing construction targets set by governments.


Monumental recently secured $25mn in seed funding led by deep tech fund Plural to expand its team of engineers and scale up the deployment of robots across construction sites in Europe. The company plans to train the robots for more complex tasks and believes that their technology represents a significant advancement by blending human expertise with robotic efficiency.


Partner at Plural, Sten Tamkivi, highlighted the impact of Monumental’s AI-powered bricklaying robots in meeting housing demands and reducing the economic and environmental challenges in the built world. Following successful pilot projects, Monumental’s robots have completed large-scale walls and secured deals with top general contractors, showcasing the potential of automation in transforming the construction industry.


Founded in 2021 by Salar al Khafaji and CTO Sebastiaan Visser, Monumental’s technology represents a cutting-edge solution to the workforce shortage and productivity challenges faced by the construction sector in Europe. With a focus on innovation and efficiency, Monumental is set to play a significant role in reshaping the future of construction with its advanced robotic technology.



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