Day: March 23, 2024

Hackers can read your encrypted AI-assistant chats

Researchers at Ben-Gurion University have identified a vulnerability in cloud-based AI assistants, such as Chat GPT, that enables hackers to intercept and decrypt conversations between users and these AI assistants. The issue lies in the way these chatbots send responses in small tokens broken into parts for faster encryption, making them susceptible to interception by […]

Scientists Gave AI an “Inner Monologue” and Something Fascinating Happened

Researchers from Stanford University and the group Notbad AI have collaborated to develop an innovative AI model called Quiet Self-Taught Reasoner (Quiet-STaR). This model distinguishes itself by pausing to “think,” displaying its reasoning process, and asking users to identify the most accurate response. Building on the previous Self-Taught Reasoner algorithm, the team sought to create […]

AI-generated digital twins of patients can predict future diseases

Researchers have developed an AI tool called Foresight that can create digital twins of patients and predict future health outcomes. Utilizing generative pre-trained transformers, similar to ChatGPT, the tool was trained on medical records and then used to generate virtual duplicates of patients using fresh healthcare data. These digital twins can forecast various health outcomes, […]

Vernor Vinge, father of the tech singularity, has died at age 79

Renowned sci-fi author Vernor Vinge, widely known as the father of the technological singularity concept, passed away on March 20, 2024, at the age of 79 due to Parkinson’s disease. The news was shared by author David Brin in a heartfelt Facebook tribute, emphasizing Vinge’s profound passion for science and storytelling.   Vinge, a celebrated […]

Financial Times tests an AI chatbot trained on decades of its own articles

The Financial Times has introduced a new generative AI chatbot called Ask FT, designed to provide subscribers with curated natural language answers to a wide range of questions using decades of published information. This tool, akin to other generalized AI bots like ChatGPT and Copilot, draws on the outlet’s extensive archives to offer reliable responses. […]

Broadcom shows a gargantuan AI chip — XPU could be the world’s largest chip built for a consumer AI company

Broadcom, known for its networking and telecommunications prowess, is making waves in the custom chip design industry. Recently showcasing a groundbreaking XPU chip at investor events, designed for a “large consumer AI company,” Broadcom is flexing its technological muscle in the realm of processor innovation.   Referred to as XPUs to maintain secrecy regarding their […]

Tennessee becomes the first state to protect musicians and other artists against AI

Tennessee has made history by enacting the Ensuring Likeness Voice and Image Security Act, or ELVIS Act, making it the first U.S. state to provide legal protections for musicians against unauthorized artificial intelligence impersonation. The new legislation, signed by Gov. Bill Lee at Nashville’s Robert’s Western World alongside country music stars Chris Janson and Luke […]

Calmara suggests it can detect STIs with photos of genitals

Calmara, a controversial company in the sexual health tech space, offers an AI tool that claims to determine a person’s STI status by analyzing photos of their genitals. However, experts warn against using such a method due to the unreliability of visual exams and the potential for false results, especially since most STIs are asymptomatic. […]

Italian PM seeks justice for deepfake porn video amid surge in cases

Italy’s Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni is pursuing €100,000 in damages from a 40-year-old and his father for circulating deepfake pornographic videos of her, which gained millions of views pre-appointment in 2022. Meloni has pledged to donate the compensation to a fund aiding women subjected to gender-based violence. Despite the identification of these culprits, tracking down […]

Nvidia CEO: Soon There’ll Be Games Where AI Generates “Every Pixel”

The integration of artificial intelligence (AI) in the realm of video game development has garnered a mix of anticipation and apprehension. Game studios are leveraging AI to streamline production processes and enhance efficiency, as noted in a recent report from Unity, a prominent game engine developer. The potential for AI to revolutionize the creation of […]



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