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What comes after Stable Diffusion? Stable Cascade could be Stability AI’s future text-to-image generative AI model

Stability AI, the company behind Stable Diffusion text-to-image AI, is teasing a new innovation dubbed Stable Cascade that promises to level up image generation. This novel architecture, inspired by the Würstchen model, aims to be more agile and precise than its predecessor, the SDXL lineup. The secret sauce? A latent diffusion technique that crafts a […]

Stability, Midjourney, Runway hit back in AI art lawsuit

The ongoing class-action copyright battle between artists and AI image generation companies has reached a new chapter. The defendants, including Stability AI, Midjourney, Runway, and DeviantArt filed a flurry of motions aiming to have the case entirely dropped and dismissed with prejudice. The artists initially claimed copyright infringement, alleging that the AI companies unlawfully scraped […]

Stability AI launches SVD 1.1, a diffusion model for more consistent AI videos

In a symphony of pixels and algorithms, Stability AI hits the stage with the grand reveal of its upgraded gem, SVD 1.1. This fine-tuned iteration of their Stable Video Diffusion model promises smoother motion and harmonious consistency in churning out those tantalizing AI videos we all can’t get enough of. Tom Mason proudly raises his […]

Stable Video Diffusion is now available through Stability AI API

Stability AI, known for its Stable Diffusion text-to-image generator, has unveiled its new foundation image-to-video model, Stable Video Diffusion (SVD), accessible through its developer platform and API. This release aims to provide developers with an efficient way to integrate advanced video generation into their products. The offering competes with video generation models from Runway and […]

Stability AI announces paid membership for commercial use of its models

In the fast-paced world of AI commercial usage, Stability AI, the creator of Stable Diffusion, has launched a new membership subscription with the aim of reshaping how customers can access and utilize its AI models for commercial purposes.   The company has introduced a three-tier membership model, including a free tier for personal and research […]

Stability AI releases Stable Zero123: Quality 3D Object Generation from Single Images

Stable Zero123 generates novel views of an object, demonstrating 3D understanding of the object’s appearance from various angles with notably improved quality over Zero1-to-3 or Zero123-XL due to improved training datasets and elevation conditioning. Based on Stable Diffusion 1.5, this model consumes the same amount of VRAM as SD1.5 to generate 1 novel view. Using […]

High Court rules that Getty v Stability AI case can proceed

In a recent copyright infringement case, Getty Images has sued Stability AI, a UK generative AI startup, for using scraped images from Getty’s website without consent to train and develop Stable Diffusion, a synthetic image generating AI. The case is still in preliminary stages, with the focus on the location of the AI’s training and […]

Getty lawsuit against Stability AI to go to trial in the UK

The UK court has allowed Getty Images’ lawsuit against Stable Diffusion creator Stability AI to proceed to trial. Getty claims that its copyrighted material was used to train AI models. The court found merit in Getty’s argument and decided to investigate further. Stability AI argued that the case should not be heard in a UK […]

Stability AI in Turmoil, CEO Under Pressure as Possible Sale Looms

UK-based AI image developer Stability AI is reportedly exploring a sale after facing criticism and executive departures over its use of copyrighted content. American technology investment company Coatue Management sent a letter to Stability AI questioning CEO Emad Mostaque’s leadership and requesting details on executive pay. Two potential buyers that have emerged are AI marketing […]

Stability AI reveals SDXL Turbo: A Real-Time Text-to-Image Generation Model

Stability AI released SDXL Turbo, a new text-to-image mode that utilizes a distillation technique called Adversarial Diffusion Distillation (ADD). This technique allows the model to generate real-time text-to-image outputs in a single step while maintaining high sampling fidelity. SDXL Turbo builds upon the foundation of SDXL 1.0 and incorporates advancements in diffusion model technologies. Although […]

Stability AI gets into the video-generating game

Stability AI has introduced Stable Video Diffusion, an AI model for video generation. While it shows promise, there are concerns about potential misuse and challenges related to copyright and ethical usage. Stability AI is navigating financial difficulties and the departure of key personnel. Nevertheless, the company remains focused on expanding its models and exploring commercial […]

Introducing Stable Video Diffusion

Stability releases its first foundation model for generative video based on the image model Stable Diffusion. Their code for Stable Video Diffusion is available on their GitHub repository & the weights required to run the model locally can be found on their Hugging Face page.   Their video model can be easily adapted to various […]

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